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Zong Super 3G Packages 2024, Weekly, Monthly & Daily Rates

What is Zong Super 3G?
China mobile has announced the Zong 3G packages 2024. All these bundles are very attractive even for a common man. Zong super 3G is the name of third generation Internet service of China mobile, which is much faster than normal third generation Internet service available in Pakistan. In fact Zong has become cause of headache for other mobile phone service provider companies, as the speed of Zong super 3G is almost double than normal third generation service, that’s why large number of mobile phone users are changing their network or buying zong’s SIM super.



Zong super 3G offers high class technology HSPA+ (High Speed Packet Access), which enables you to enjoy unmatchable high speed mobile Internet at the rates of normal 3rd generation service. Then why you will chose normal 3rd generation service?



This offer has disturbed the whole scenario of third generation mobile phone service in Pakistan. Other companies are pondering about how to counter this offer of China Mobile and how to sustain their current users. Zong super 3G offers 42 Mbps mobile Internet speed, while normal 3G offers 21 Mbps mobile Internet speed, whereas  Zong 4G LTE  offers 150 mbps speed, which is about 8 times faster than normal 3rd generation Internet service.
You will not have to buy new SIM card to avail this offer, as all existing SIMS are super 3G enabled. Video calls will also be enabled on the SIM by default.



Super 3rd generation service will enable you to enjoy all these facilities  with double speed.
High speed browsing
Live video calling with HD result
Live streaming TV
Download of large size email attachments very fast
Multimedia streaming and download e.g songs, videos
Video call conference
Play live games or down load them quickly
In short you can cross the all speed barriers
For enabling or disabling the 3rd generation service  on your phone follow the directions shown in the chart given below.


Company has also announced  packages its 4G packages 2024, which are  available on our website. You can view all the Zong 3G packages below this post in an image. If you like these bundles then activate 3rd generation service on your mobile right now. Help line numbers of all mobile phone service provider companies are available on our website.  You are welcome to ask any question about different bundle offers. Stay in touch with your favorite website and its facebook page for latest technology alert.


Note- If you can not see the image clearly, kindly click on it for viewing it in larger size.

How to Activate 3g, zong super 3g & 4g on your phone

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