What People See While Buying a Smart Phone
It is era of smart phones as smart phones have become necessity now a days. After the introduction of 3G and 4G, now sale of smart phone has increased many times than before. But the question arises that what a buyer should consider while purchasing a smart phone either the brand, operating system, camera or any thing else. International data corporation has conducted a survey about the priorities of people while purchasing smart phones. The findings of this survey were very interesting. We are sharing with you the result of this survey to guide you about the trends found in smart phone users.

According to the survey the most important thing for majority of smart phone customers was the battery timing. 56 % android, 49 % IPhone and 53% windows phone customers said that they had bought their phones just because of good battery timing. 39% IOS, 38% customers of windows operating system bought their smart phones just because of their easy to use system. 37% android, 32% IOS and 40% windows users purchased smart phones due to their favorite operating systems. 37% windows, 34% IOS, and 34% android customers bought phone due to their better touch screens. 22% IOS, 37% android and 34%  customers of window operating system bought their smart cell phones due to large screen size.

Other preferences were type of network, brand, weight, resolution of camera and internet speed. In fact battery timing is really very vital factor as good battery timing allows you to use applications for longer time with out any disturbance. But we will suggest you to consider all above mentioned ten elements while purchasing a smart phone as majority of our people can not afford to buy another phone in short spam of time. You can read the story in Urdu below this post. Stay in touch with our website and its face book page for latest technology alerts.


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