Which is The Best Blogging Platform, WordPress or Blogger? Pros & Cons

Which Is The Best Platform For Blogging WordPress or Blogger.Com? Pros & Cons
There is a great confusion in new bloggers about the best blogging platform. Some thinks that blogger is best platform while other believe that WordPress is the best choice. Its really hard to declare one platform best as both of these have their own pros and cons. Read this post carefully for deciding that which is the best platform for you to start blogging. .

Blogger is the property of Google which is the most successful online company in all respects. You can create free blogs on blogger. Here you are given a sub domain of blogspot.com. Just like tenant, you will have to follow the guidelines and policies of the owner of this platform i.e Google. In case of violating the policies of owner of this free blogging platform your blog will be deleted. So there is a risk involved here in this respect. If you want to enjoy full control over you blog then make your website in WordPress. In past it was not possible to use this platform for hosting your independent domain but fortunately now Blogger has allowed everyone to host an independent domain on it. Still many bloggers do not prefer it due to lack of full control on their blog.

Which is The Best Blogging Platform, WordPress or Blogger? Pros & Cons

 Which is The Best Blogging Platform, WordPress or Blogger? Pros & Cons

Being a beneficiary of Blogger i feel that there are many benefits of choosing blogger as your your blogging platform. Students and beginners can use blogger for entering in the field of blogging as its 100% free and you may create up to 100 blogs on it with your single Google Account account. Neither you need to pay a single penny for hosting not for domain name registration. Its an user friendly and easy to use platform than WordPress. There is a perception in bloggers that your Google adsense account will easily be approved for a website on Blogger as owner or both blogger and and adsense is Google.

Three years before in 2012 adsense account of many South Asian and South East Asian countries were blocked. It has been noted that majority of these banned bloggers were using WordPress. I personally recommend beginners, jobless persons, house hold ladies and students to start their blogging career on Blogger as it will help you a lot in the approval of adsense account and its is free too. Later own after the approval of adsense account and getting good traffic you may buy your own domain for protection of your ownership. You may also then make a website on WordPress too. Its is also a best platform for non professional bloggers as it helps you in getting higher ranking too.

Wordpress is much advanced and easier blogging platform than blogspot. It offers you many customization facilities. It allow you to use unlimited premium and free themes, plugins and widgets for giving a professional look to your website. Here you also enjoy domain ownership yet in case of applying for adsense you will have to follow its policies, WordPress.com also allow you to launch a free website but you can not put ads on your wordpress.com’s sub domain. This platform is best only for non professional bloggers. WordPress.org is mush better option than wordpress.com. Great majority of web developers and bloggers use make their websites on WordPress. Its a easy, customize-able and compete content management system.

Here i want to make it clear to all beginners that if you have creative writing skill and you publish quality unique content on your website than your WordPress website can also get adsense account easily. It has also been noticed that WordPress site gets the attentions of visitors more easily than a blogger’s blog. Google just ban those websites which use black hat SEO techniques or publish copied content. Last but not least both Blogger and WordPress have their own advantages and disadvantages.You can use any of these platforms as per your individual needs and circumstances. But it is recommended to make your primary blog with WordPress and secondary on Blogger. Visit our earn money category regularly for reading articles on making money online. Wish you great future in blogging.



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