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Who Am I? Essay in 1300 Words For School Students With Outlines

Who Am I? Essay or My Autobiography
Today we are going to share Who Am I? Essay for school college and university students. Who Am I? is the most difficult question for me. I am still unable to provide the exact answer of this question, still i shall try to address this topic. In-fact everyone of us should go on the journey of self discovery. This will be the most adventurous journey of your life. I am too in the mid of this journey.



Who Am I? My Background

There are many aspects of my personality. I am student of grade seven. I am a son, a brother, a nephew, a grandson, a neighbour, a pupil, a human being and a Muslim. I also have a dual citizenship. My father has his roots in Pakistan. My mother is a US citizen by birth. In fact my father Ch M Abdullah is a homeopathic doctor and a dispenser. He won the green card of USA in 2003 through the USA visa lottery scheme. My mother Marry Spinsor is a lady doctor cum surgeon by profession. Her specialization is in orthopedics. Homeopathic degree of my father was not recognized in USA, so my father joined the private clinic of my mother as a dispenser.


Who Am I? Essay

Who Am I? Essay in 1300 Words For School Students With Outlines



Meanwhile he got the nursing diploma from a US nursing school and his position in the clinic of my mom also changed as he was alleviated on the post of male nurse. My mother was a chronic patient of sciatica pain. Allopathic has not a permanent treatment of sciatica. My father prescribed an homeopathic medicine for sciatica pain, which did the wonder and eliminated the ten years old pain of my mom. My mother was already very much impressed by the nobility, hard work, talent and honesty of my father, so she proposed my father and my father accepted her proposal. He did not force my mom to change his religion so she is still an orthodox christian. I was born one year after there marriage.



I am a Muslim

Both my mom and father are fundamentalists in their religions, but i am a practicing Muslim as on comparison of both Islam and Christianity i found that Islam is more logical religion and its teachings are more near to human nature. Being a Muslim i also respect the Jesus, as he was the true prophet of Almighty Allah and Bible was a divine book. Later on Bible was changed that’s why now it has many verses against modern science. For more information in this regard you must read the Maurice Bucaille’s famous book The Bible, The Quran and Science.



I am a Brilliant Student

At this stage of my life when i am 12 year old, i am studying in class 7 and my favorite subjects are Math, Computer Science and Science. I am the monitor of my class and perfect of all sections of 7th grade. I am a position holder student right from KG one. I daily go to my school library during the recess and free periods as book reading is my hobby. I have also a large collection of general knowledge books at my home.



I am a Future AI Engineer

I am not sure about my future profession and career. I have interest in many fields like medical, army, engineering, IT, civil service and teaching. In fact my parents have given me complete freedom in this regard, so i am still in the process of making my mind about my future career path. My object in this regard is to serve the humanity. I think my final decision will be in favor of data science and AI as these two fields have great future career scope. AI and data science will eliminate many jobs but lot of progress is expected in these 2 fields. Through artificial intelligence i will also be able to serve the humanity by inventing useful software for various fields of life.



I am a US Citizen of Pakistani Origin

I am an American citizen by birth, but my Papa has his roots in Pakistan and he loves Pakistan. I have visited Pakistan twice. The memories of these two visits still haunt me. I believe that i too have a special relation with Pakistan and specially with Peshawar city of KPK. Peshawar is the birth place of my father. Yes ethnically i am a Pashtun of Afridi tribe. That’s why i love shahid Afridi the famous hard hitter all round cricketer of Pakistan. Peshawar is an historic city near famous Khyber pass. It is also the birth place of famous film stars Daleep Kumar, Raj Kapoor and Shah Rukh Khan.



I am an Obedient Son and Caring Brother

I have 2 siblings i.e one younger brother and one younger sister. All of us love our parents as they are the best parents under sky. I am a Muslim still i take my mother to church every Sunday. My mother never forced us to follow her religious beliefs. She is a human loving soul who do no take fee from deserving patients. She believes that humanity is the largest religion of the world. Her beliefs have affected us too. My siblings believe in the famous slogan i.e sharing is caring. I daily teach my younger brother and sister for 2 hours daily. I help them in doing their home work and in exam preparation. On every week end my family go for hoteling and on Sunday either in a play land/cinema or park. In night my father often tell us stories about history of Pashtuns, Islam, USA and Pakistan.



English Essay

Identity in Flux

While some aspects of my identity remain steadfast, I recognize that identity is not static. It evolves with time and circumstance. My identity as a student, a friend, a daughter or son, and a member of various communities continually shifts and shapes my understanding of self. I am not defined by a singular label but rather a multitude of roles and relationships.


Dilemma of My Identification

Many class fellow taunt me regarding my identification, some racist call me Paki due to my Pakistani background, some call me terrorist because i am a Muslim. This remember me the famous movie of SRK my name is khan. Yes i am a victim of Islamophobia and racism, still i am a Khan, i am a proud Muslim, i am a US citizen but first of all i am a human being. Its too a fact that i love Pakistan as its the homeland of my incestors. Dilemma of my identification is not a unique case as many immigrants are facing the same situation. Local people and immigrants both need some more time to accept the new realities of life.


Aspirations & Growth

Looking to the horizon, my aspirations are a testament to my identity. I aspire to be a catalyst for positive change, to leave the world better than I found it. Pursuing a career in AI and data science, I hope to leverage my skills e knowledge to address pressing societal challenges. My dreams drive me forward, propelling me to overcome obstacles and continue evolving.



Influence and Gratitude

In the grand mosaic of identity, there are countless influences. The wisdom of philosophers, the creativity of artists and the resilience of historical figures have all left their imprint on me. Equally impactful are the everyday heroes, the people who have walked beside me, offering support and encouragement. To them, I owe a debt of gratitude and love for helping me become the person I am today.




The question “Who am I?” may never have a definitive answer, for identity is a fluid & dynamic concept. Still i have tried my level best to answer this query related to my self exploration. Now only you can judge that i have written a good Who Am I? Essay or not.


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FAQs about Who Am I? Essay

Q-Who Am I?

A-I am a Muslim student of USA. Philosophically speaking i am combination of soul and body.

Q-What does "Who Am I?" mean?

A-"Who Am I?" is a philosophical question that encourages individuals to reflect on their own identity, values, beliefs and experiences to better understand themselves.

Q-Why is it important to explore the question of "Who Am I?"

A-Self-discovery & self-awareness are essential for personal growth and fulfillment. Exploring one's identity can lead to a deeper understanding of one's values, goalsĀ  and purpose in life.

Q-Is one's identity fixed or can it change over time?

A-Identity is not fixed; it can evolve & change throughout a person's life due to experiences, personal growth and evolving beliefs and values.

Q-What factors influence a person's identity?

A-Factors that influence identity include cultural background, family, upbringing, experiences, education, values, beliefs, relationships & societal influences.

Q-How can I begin exploring my own identity?

A-Start by reflecting on your values, beliefs & life experiences. Consider keeping a journal, seeking feedback from trusted friends or mentors and engaging in self-discovery activities like meditation or therapy.

Q-Can identity crises be a normal part of life?

A-Yes, it is common for individuals to experience identity crises at various points in life, especially during transitions like adolescence, career changes or major life events. These crises can lead to personal growth & self-discovery.

Q-Are there cultural differences in how people perceive & explore their identities?

A-Yes, cultural backgrounds can significantly influence how individuals perceive and explore their identities. Cultural norms, traditions & values play a significant role in shaping one's sense of self.

Q-How does technology & social media impact our sense of identity?

A-Technology and social media can both positively & negatively impact one's sense of identity. They provide platforms for self-expression & connection but can also lead to comparison and identity issues.

Q-Can external events or circumstances change a person's identity?

A-External events & circumstances can influence a person's identity but do not necessarily change it fundamentally. People may adapt or develop new aspects of their identity in response to challenges or opportunities.

Q-Is there a definitive answer to the question "Who Am I?"

A-No, there is no definitive answer to this unique question as identity is a complex & multifaceted concept. It is a lifelong journey of self-discovery & the answer may evolve over time.