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Why India Can Not Initiate A War Against Pakistan?

International Current Affairs – Why India Can Not Even Think To Initiate A Hot War Against Pakistan?
In our current affairs category today we shall discuss that why India can never even think to attack Pakistan. Now a days every one is talking about expected Indian imposed war against Pakistan. Statements of Narinra Modi and some Indian Minsters have broken the status quo. In fact India is just trying to divert our attention from war against terror and Pak China Economic Corridor. India is trying to become Asian economic power and it can not afford a hot war with an atomic war, which may be the last Pak Indian war. No investor or country like to invest money in a war zone. In case of Pak India war India will lose investment of billions of dollars. Shining India will become a dark age India.

No neighbor of India is happy with its attitude and policies. Pakistan army is in this state of best morale as we have defeated fifth column elements in KPK and FATA. Rebels in Balochistan are surrendering before government. Pakistan will not use atomic bomb in the war as first option as our missiles can hit each and every city of Bharat. These missiles can destroy the morale and image of India as an peaceful state. Thanks to Modi who accepted first time in the history pubically that his country was involved in the so called separatist movement in ex East Pakistan. This confession has played a role of walk up call for us. Now each and every Pakistani is committed to take the revenge of this conspiracy. Now who can stop us to deal with the India in the same language.

Current Affairs

Current Affairs – Why India Can Not Initiate A War Against Pakistan?

Indian army completed a fake operation in Burma and its ministers claimed that same action can be taken against Pakistan too. On the very next day Indian serving general in Kashmir expected the reality that Indian army is not in the position to take any such action across the line of control (LOC). Its a universal truth that barking dogs seldom bite, No country in the world even can think to initiate a war against any atomic power. In the history of the world Pakistan is the only country which started a war against an atomic power i.e Kargil war. Even then Indian army could not use atomic bomb against us. Can you explain why? As they love their lives as much as we love our death in battle field. Its a key difference between Pakistan and our rival number one. We fought many wars against our rival number at that time when we can be destroyed easily and now when we are atomic and missile power how India can launch an suicidal attack against us.

Founder of Pakistan Hazrat Quaid e Azam said ” we want to establish relations with India as USA has with its neighbor Canada”. Even in recent history Pakistani Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sahrif attended the oath taking ceremony of Narindra Modi as a good will gesture but Modi who has been included in the top ten killers and terrorists of the world took this gesture as a symbol of our weakness. General Rahil Sharif and our federal government have warned the Indian government that Pak army is more than ready to teach an unforgettable lesson to the war lovers.

India should follow the principle of mutual coexistence. We are not living in the era of 1970. Now a days technology matters more than the quantity of armed forces. Pakistan is a buffer zone between extremist Muslims and India. Indian government should realize this reality. Modi is on the way of becoming Gorbachev of India. Stay in touch with us for latest updates about current affairs.