Why Study in Malaysia? Pros and Cons in Urdu & English

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Malaysia is the most developed Islamic country. Number of foreign students in Malaysian universities has increased a lot. More than 100,000 overseas students are enrolled in different public and private universities and colleges of Malaya. Malaysian government is planning the double this number till 2020. Education sector has become an important pillar of Malaysian economy. In 2002 just 27872 students were studying in Malaysia. In 2009 this number increased to 80750 and know it has crossed the psychological beerier of 100000.

Population of Malaya is about 28 million and there are about 110 international standard public and private universities. Government here is committed to provide every possible facilities to foreign students who want to study in Malaysia. As per recent study conducted by UNESCO Malaysia has become 11th most favorite study destination for global students. But it my personal opinion that serious students of Muslim and under developed countries prefer to study in Malaysia than any other country as now all Western countries have imposed restrictions on jobs of students, which was the biggest attraction for students of under developed countries in past.Degrees of Malaysian universities are recognized world wide. Many Western universities have also opened their campuses here. At present majority of foreign students in Malaysia belong to Iran.

EMGS (Education Malaysia Global Services) is the public gate way for those students who want to apply for study in Malaysia. All the students will have to use this pathway. You can apply online and check the current status of your application on official website of Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS). All the information about courses and universities in Malaysia is available on this site. Selected candidates are given visa within 14 days. Study in Malaysia is much cheaper than Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and China while standard of education is equal to any developed country. That’s why Malaya is becoming a new global education hub. Immigration process is also very easy here.

Students are allowed to work during study, but earning is not equal to Western countries. Foreign students have many study options.Multiple scholarships are available for foreign students in pre university programs, degree courses and postgraduate programs. Malaya is a role model in Islamic financing and Islamic financing is taught in almost all important universities.International Islamic University, University Technology (UTM), University of Malaya and Putra University are included in the top universities of the world. It is the 19th most peaceful country of the world. Living expenditures are very low. Atmosphere is Islamic and Halal food is easily available every where.

University Technology Malaya (UTM) is the largest Muslim university of the the world. Its annual budget is over i billion dollars. It has 31 campuses. NUST, UOK and IUB are also collaborating with it. Dr Mahatir Muhammand has brought an educational revolution in the country.So if you are planning to study abroad then do consider this great country and visit the official website of EMGS (Education Malaysia Global Services) for further details. You can read the details in Urdu about study in Malaysia below this post. Stay in touch with us for guidance about study abroad,

Why Study in Malaysia? Pros and Cons

Study in Malaysia

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