Yoga Exercises For Women in Urdu

Easy & Useful Yoga Exercises For Women in Urdu Language – Super Tips 
As per my person thinking yoga exercises have very limited benefits and effects on human health, some yoga exercises have lot severe side effects, but large number of people especially women believe in this method of exercise and meditation. We are going to publish this article about yoga exercises for women in Urdu just for those Urdu speaking females who believe on the so-called benefits of yoga.

Yoga is basically a part of Hindu religion and mythology. Hindus take yoga exercises for meditation, relaxation and keeping health. All students of comparative religions know that no Hindu spiritual book is available in its original state, so how anyone can trust on the yoga exercises based on Hindu religion.

Holy Quran is the only religious book of the world which is present in its original shape. Islam and Holy Quran don’t allow the Muslims to follow the practices of other religions. Yoga is the symbol and part of Hinduism, so Muslims should not take interest in it. Our religion Islam is a complete code of life. Muslims says prayer five times in a day and our prayers are enough for keeping us healthy. We just need to say our prayer with full concentration and devotion. Remember that basic aim our prayer is to show our loyalty for our Almighty Allah. Modern science also do not endorse yoga exercises, but it has been proven that Islamic prayer is very useful for human health.  Just like yoga Feng Shui is also a universal fraud. You must read our following articles too on the similar topics.

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We have published lot more such articles in our health and self help categories. Interested women must visit these categories for  further guidance.  Our team of doctors will feel pleasure to guide you about different exercises. We have taken the article on yoga exercises for women in Urdu on this page from daily Express. Khuram Mansur Kazi is the writer of this article on yoga exercises for women. Visit and its facebook page daily for guidance about all kinds of exercises including yoga exercises.

Yoga Exercises For Women in Urdu

Yoga Exercises For Women in Urdu





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