Yoga – Myths & Reality

Reality of Yoga  
Yoga is just an Indian style exercise. It has no any spiritual affects at all. Many yoga exercises are very harmful for human health and body. There is no base or logic of different yoga postures. It has been find effective for weight loss only. Reiki is much better healing technique than Yoga. Science has proved that prayers of Muslims affects the human body more positively than Yoga and modern exercises.

No the question arises that why yoga is becoming popular in West. In fact West is in search on peace of mind and Hindu Yogis know this fact. They are using great marketing techniques to promote yoga. Large number of baseless books have been written in favor of yoga. Yoga centers are earning million of dollars in Western countries. Yoga is neither a spiritual healing technique nor its a perfect exercise. How a mature person can admit that just making funny postures is any type of useful exercise.

Yoga - Myths & Reality

Yoga – Myths & Reality

There is a need of scientific research on side affects of yoga. I have personally seen many yoga affected persons. Just few yoga postures have proved their utility. West need to come back towards God and religion. Only God (Almighty Allah) can solve their all problems. Read the Holy Quran and compare the affects of yoga and Muslim prayer on human body. Get expert opinion from doctors and scientists about affects of Muslim prayer and yoga.

Some yoga exercise leave life long bad affects on human body. Yoga books are so old and altered that its hard to believe for any reasonable person to trust on their authenticity. Dr Zakir Naik of India has proved that all religious books of Hinduism are altered, revised and corrupt. When the source has been proven altered then why we should take the risk of our lives.

Some people believe that Tibet is the home of yoga and Hindus learn this art from lamas of Tibet. This theory is also wrong as birth place of Buddhism is India not Tibet. Ok, if we agree with this statement for the sake of argument then the question arises is there a single unaltered book of Buddhism is available in the whole world. Holy Quran is the one and only unaltered divine religious book. So if you need peace of mind then read it daily and try to understand the real message of Almighty Allah and if you want to do exercise for your bodily health then go to gym or consult a qualified physiotherapist.

Yes, of course if the physiotherapist suggest you any yoga posture then follow his instructions as he will prescribe you exercise as per the modern research. But kindly ask him about the affects of prayers of Muslims on human health. You will be surprised to listen that even no modern exercise is better then the postures of Muslim prayers. Think what is the reason behind it. But remember that no Muslim take his prayer as exercise. We just take it as our duty to thank Almighty Allah for his benevolence.

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