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Zakat Nisab 2023 in Pakistan | Eid ul Fitr Fitrana Amount 2023 & Fadia e Som

State Bank of Pakistan Announces Nisab of Zakat 2023, Fitrana & Rozay Ka Fadia Amount in Pakistan

Nisab of Zakat has been announced in Pakistan for the year 2023. State Bank of Pakistan has announced Zakat Nisab 2023 in the country. All the scheduled banks of Pakistan will follow the direction of SBP in this regard. As per SBP Zakat Nisab 2023 in Pakistan will be 80933 rupees. State Bank of Pakistan has directed the private and government banks of Pakistan to deduct the Zakat from their those account holders who have balance of more than 80 thousands nine hundred and thirty three rupees in their accounts.


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Zakat Nisab 2023 in Pakistan | Eid ul Fitr Fitrana Amount 2023 & Fadia e Som


2.5 % Zakat will be deducted by banks on 1st Ramadan 2023 in Pakistan. Remember that most probably first Ramadan in Pakistan will be on 23rd March, 2023. Banks will remain close on this date for deduction of Zakat. Pakistani banks will not deduct the Zakat on current accounts. It is deducted only on saving accounts. In short if in your PLS bank account there will be more amount than 46329 rupees than banks will automatically deduct Zakat from your account on 23 March, 2023. Many people withdraw their amount from PSL accounts before the start of Ramadan to save Zakat. They take mark up on saving accounts, but do not pay the right of Allah and their fellow human beings. These people will be in double trouble on the day of judgement. Please change your approach towards money and Islam. If you have more money than Zakat Nisab then pay Zakat accordingly.



What is the Eid ul Fitr Fitrana 2023 Amount in Pakistan?
This year Fitrana amount will be just 120 rupees. This Fitrana 2023 amount is just for one person. If there are 5 members in your family then you will have to pay 580 rupees. This is the minimum amount of Fitrana 2023. Rich persons should donate more to help the poor people for celebration of Eid. One should pay Fitrana before the prayer of Eid ul Fitr, but you may pay it even before the start of Ramadan.


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Fadia e Som Amount 2023 in Pakistan
Fadia e som is also Rs 120/- in the year 2023. If you can not take fast due to any genuine reason then you may give 120 rupees to any poor person for one fasting day leave. This amount is not for rich persons, as they will have to pay as per their financial status. Read details about Zakat Nisab 2023 in Pakistan,  Eid ul Fitr Fitrana amount 2023 & Fadia e Som amount 2023 in Urdu in the newspaper cuttings given on this page and visit us daily more alerts on Ramadan 2023.

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