Zong Announces Its 3G Packages 2021 With Activation Details

Zong 3G Packages Daily, Weekly, Monthly 
Zong 3G packages have been announced for year 2021. Zong 3G is also known as super 3G as it is much faster than normal 3G in Pakistan. We have given all the Zong 3G packages 2021 on this page. The cheapest 3G bundle is available in just 5 rupees/day. But after subscribing this bundle you will surely go for monthly bundle. The quality of service and high speed Internet will win your heart.



As you know that in normal 3rd generation connection you can enjoy only 21 Mbps speed while Zong Super 3G will provide you Internet speed up to 42 Mbps in cheapest rates, so its not hard for you now to decide that which SIM you should buy. Company has also announced its 4G packages for year 2021. You can view 4G packages on our website. Even 4G packages of Warid are also available on studysolutions.pk. The prices and activation details of all Zong 3G packages have been given below in a table. Table has been given in image format.


Note– Table has been given in small size, kindly click on it for viewing image in large size.


Zong Announces Its 3G Packages 2021 With Activation Details

Zong Internet Packages 2020


Add-on for Zong 3G Packages
Zong has also introduced add on for its all packages. Ad-ons allows customer to continue to enjoy 3rd generation internet service even after expiry of his data limit. We can explain add on by an example, imagine that you have subscribed the monthly basic package of 500 MB data limit and you use the 80 percent or more your of you data limit within three weeks then you can chose any of the add on to continue with 3rd generation service. Add on will remain valid till the validity of your date package except you use it before that time. There are two add ons. The detail about these add-ons is given in a table on this page.



Out of Bundle Rates
Company will charge you Rs.1/MB when you will be out of your bundle limit but this rate will be applicable till the expiry of your basic bundle.



Beware of Default Package
If you will use 3rd generation service without subscribing any package then default package rates will be applied and you will have to pay 10 rupees per MB. So avoid this mistake.



How to Check Remaining Data Limit
You can easily check the remaining data limit just by dialing*102#.
For instant help you can call on Zong’s helpline. All other contact details of your favorite company are also available on studysolutions.pk.  Stay in touch with your favorite portal for latest alerts about Zong 3G packages 2021.





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