25 Weight Loss & Fitness Tips For Men & Women

Twenty  Five Super Fitness & Weight Loss Tips For All For  
Twenty five fitness tips have been given on this page which can bring a positive change in your life. These fitness tips are the essence of my 20 years experience of medical practice, Try these fitness tips and feel the difference in your life.

1-Revise your diet schedule try to eat 4 to 5 small meals instead of three heavy meals.

2-You can maintain your health and fitness just by one tip i.e eating seasonal fruits and vegetables. Seasonal fruits and vegetables are the part of master plan of Almighty Allah for the health of fitness of human beings.

3-Percentage of water in our body is approximately 65 percent. You must maintain this level in your body but remember that excess of every thing is bad.

4-Use olive oil and animal fats alternatively for cooking food.

5-The secret of health of Chinese people is slightly warm water. So drink slightly warm water, you may also drink green tea as
it has lesser side effects than black tea and coffee.

6-Never become over conscious about your health as it will weaken your resistance power against diseases. Always think that you are fit and healthy in all respects.

7-One day in week just drink juices. Avoid artificial juices and always drink juices of seasonal fruits and even vegetables.

8-Fibrous food and vegetables can also make you fit so include major portion of them in your daily meals.

9-Never use medicines specially allopathic medicines unnecessarily. Herbal and Homoeopathic medicines have no side affects but always consult a qualified physician.

10-Avoid using all kind of narcotics including wine and even cigarettes.




25 Super Fitness Tips For Men & Women

11-Muslim should offer their prayers five time a day. Non Muslim should join gym for daily exercise. Yoga is of no use for any one.

12-Six to eight hours daily sleep is required for remaining fit.

13-Drinking 4 glass water daily early in the morning will reduce your belly fat.

14-Mix one lemon and 1 tea spoon honey in one glass hot water and drink it twice in day once early in the morning and once before going to bed for reducing your body fat.

15-Animal and vegetable fats are also necessary for a healthy body so never leave using them.

16-Avoid using poultry products, eat fish or domestic fowl instead of broiler chicken.

17-Use black pepper instead of red pepper while cooking any food.

18-Over cooking destroy all the useful vitamins in the vegetables so either boil the vegetables or cook the vegetables for minimum time. Fresh salad should be part of your each meal.

19-Spices were introduced as medicines but we have included them in our diet. So reduce the quantity of all spices and try to enjoy the original taste of vegetables.

20-Cola and other soft drinks were also introduced as medicines but unfortunately now this soft drinks have become and essential part of our life. Use fresh juices and milk instead of cola drinks.

21-Diet drinks are also harmful for your health so avoid using them too. Even artificial sweeteners can damage your health. Artificial or low calories sweeteners have unlimited side affects. Little amount of honey is the best alternative of such harmful products. Normal people should also replace sugar with honey.

22-Never eat anything late at night before going to bed. One hour after take some exercise before going to bed. Going for shopping after dinner is also a good idea.

23-Never leave your breakfast as it will reduce your ability to work.

24-Allopathic fat reducing medicines are very harmful so never try them in any case.

25-Give auto suggestions to your subconscious mind daily that you are a fit man/woman.

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