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A Career Option For D & E Grade Matric Science Students, B Category Scope

A Message For Matriculation Science Students Who Could Not Get Good Marks

In fact, i have written a detailed article on scope of Pharmacy technician, which we shall publish soon. Today i just want to say that if you have not got good marks in matriculation with science and thinking about to leave studies then for God’s sake continue your studies for minimum just for 2 years on my personal request as Pharmacy technician course which is also called B category can bring a positive change in your life even now. You can get the license of medical store after completing this diploma.



Career and Scope of Diploma in Pharmacy/B Category

Diploma in Pharmacy classes are  also available in evening, so you can also continue you regular studies in morning. You may also do your business or job in morning. For better career, i recommend you to get admission in DHMS (Diploma in Homeopathic Medical System ) or D.U.M.S (Diploma in Unani Medical System) too in morning. After completing these two diplomas you should first get some job in allopathic and homeopathic medical stores, which you can get easily. After gaining some marketing experience you can start your herbal or homeopathic pharmaceutical company.


All About Pharmacy Technician Course

Believe me its very easy, low cost and high profit business. If you want to enter in this business, then it will be better for you to get both DUMS (FTJ) and DHMS diplomas. Fees of all these three courses are very low and these are very easy courses. After completing diploma in B category you can get a job in any medical store or you can give your license on hire basis to any medical store. You may also be hired by any allopathic, herbal or homeopathic pharmaceutical company on handsome salary as a medical representative or assistant pharmacist.


Final Words

You may also find job abroad and there is no age limit for admission in diploma in pharmacy. You can read the details about B category admission in the newspaper ad cutting below this page. There are many other colleges too you can select the college of your choice, so do not lose heart as still you can change your fate. You should also like to read our article “How to get the job of  medical representative“. If you have any query about scope of DHMS, FTJ or Diploma in Pharmacy, feel free to contact our team of professional career counselors. We are here to serve you as it is primary object of study Stay in touch with us for latest admission alerts and realize the difference between us and all other websites of the world.


A Career Option For D & E Grade Matric Science Students, B Category Scope


A Career Option For D & E Grade Matric Science Students, B Category Admission

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