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Accounting Jobs, Career, Scope, Degrees, Required Skills, Nature of Work & Tips

Accounting/Accountancy Definition, Jobs, Courses, Required Abilities, Nature of Work, Super Tips, Career & Scope in Pakistan & Abroad  
Accounting is a professional field for students who have good mathematical skills. Its a sensitive but paying field. Accounting is a process of keeping financial statements of any business. In fact its a systematic and comprehensive recording of financial transactions for the purpose of keeping accounts. Its a process which involves summarizing, analyzing and reporting of all kinds of financial transactions during a certain period of time. You can get detailed information about any company’s operations, financial position and cash flows through its account statements. Its a vast field which starts from book keeping and ends at auditing. In modern world no business can grow without keeping its accounts.

Accounting Jobs, Career, Scope, Degrees, Required Skills, Nature of Work & Tips

Accounting Jobs, Career, Scope, Degrees, Required Skills, Nature of Work & Tips

Recommended Courses & Degrees in Accounting
Here is the list of most recommended and popular degrees and courses in the field of accountancy.

I.Com (Intermediate in Commerce)
ICom is the first recommended course in the field of accounting and commerce after matriculation. This program will prepare you for higher degrees by familiarizing you with the basic concepts of Accountancy. If you are interested in accountancy then I.Com on all other inter level programs.

D.Com (Diploma in Commerce)
DCom is an good alternative option of ICom. Its also a 2 year year program after matriculation.

CA (Chartered Accountancy)
There is no alternative of CA in this field. CA qualification can make your future very bright. Its a 100% wrong perception among Pakistani students that CA is a difficult course. Its difficult only for those who take it is as a difficult program. Read our detailed article on CA and compare its subjects with MBA or any other accounting degree like CIMA, ACCA or CMA . You will realize that CA is much easier than other degrees for a person of mathematical mind set. Even CA inter are preferred on above mentioned degree holders specially in the field of auditing.

ACCA (Association of Certified Chartered Accountant)
We have written a detailed article on career and scope of ACCA. Read it for detail career guidance,

CMA (Cost and Management Accountant)
CMA and ACCA are best degrees after CA in the field of accountancy. Although we have written a detailed guiding article on career and scope of CMA too, but we shall still recommend you to go for CA.

B.Com (Bachelor of Commerce)
B.Com is most popular undergraduate degree in accountancy. Still there is a great demand of BCom degree holders in job market. This degree can help you in getting an entry level job. You can get job of book keeper and accountant after clearing the BCom exam. You must avoid associate degree and try to get admission in BCom (Hons) as it will be more helpful for you in getting a managerial level job.

B.Com IT (Bachelor of Commerce in Information Technology)
We have now entered in the era of IT. B.Com IT will help you in mastering the latest accounting software. Its a much better option than traditional simple BCom degree due to its versatility and scope.

MBA Accounting
MBA Accounting is a suitable degree for those who are interested in launching their own business.

M.Com (Master of Commerce)
After B.Com, MCom is the best further study option. Its a recommended degree for those who want to join academia.

CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants)
Just like ACCA, CIMA is also an international qualification in Accountancy.

Accounting Jobs, Career & Scope
Accountancy Job Types
Accounts Manager
External Auditor
Audit Officer
Accounting Officer
Admin Officer
Trainee Audit Officer
Certified Public Accountant
Chief Accountant
Finance Manager
Government Officer
Financial Analyst
Internal Auditor
Financial Controller
Management Accountant
Commercial Writer
International Trade Specialist
Special Auditor
Corporate Adviser
Loan Administrator
Researcher & Writer
Business Analyst
Operational Manager
Financial Adviser
Income, Wealth & Sales Tex Adviser
Tax Auditor
Cost Accountant
Criminal Investigator

Accountancy Employment Areas
All Registered Companies
Accountancy Firms
Tax Consultancy Firms
General & Islamic Banks
Insurance Companies
International Financial Organizations like IMF, Asian Bank or World Bank
Financial Institution
Breakage Houses
NAB, FIA and other investigating agencies
Stock Markets
Chamber of Commerce
Auditing Firms
Fiance Division
Financial Regulating Authorities
Office of Tex Ombudsman
Research Institutes
Publishing Houses
Corporate and Finance Companies
News Papers & TV Channels

Required Skills in The Field of Accounting
An accounting professional must have following academic and professional skills for success in career.
1-You must be good at Mathematics & Statistics.
2-Strong analytical skill is also required in this field.
3-Good verbal and written communication skills are required for explaining your findings to others.
4-Its a field for honest and hard working people only.
5-You must have strong desire to excel in life.
6-Excellent skills in accounting and finance can ensure your success in this field.
7-Now a days due to IT revolution, it is also mandatory for you to have command over accountancy and auditing software.
8-For fast career growth you will have to remain in touch with latest developments and research in all fields of business.
9-You must have spirit of inquiry, logical mind set and confidence on your natural skills.
10-Deep desire to earn and learn.
11-Problem solving and rapid decision making abilities
12-Extraordinary knowledge about economics, business administration, finance, accounting and auditing.

Accountancy Nature of Work
1-You will be given a desk job, but auditors have to travel long distances. Some times they have to spend even a week out of their place of posting but at the same time they are rewarded too for their tiresome work.
2-If you have join the field of tax accountancy then you will have to work even for 18 hour during tax season.
3-Being a government or chief auditor of private company you will have to conduct the out door audits too. Its a very sensitive as well as powerful job. Auditors are just like police force of general accountants. That’s why its a most recommended sub field of accounting for power conscious persons.
4-Higher degree holders in accounting work as lecturer too in accountancy colleges.
5-They advise their clients about tax matters
6-They work in chartered accounting firms
7-They manage the accounts of corporate and general businesses.
8-They write academic books
9-They work as financial analyst in print and electronic media.
10-As government officers they work as policy makers in Finance division and related departments. Remember that very high salary is given to employees of finance division.

Accountancy Tips
1-You must continue to study through out your career.
2-Attend all refresher courses, workshops and seminars in your field.
3-Try to improve you academic qualification even after CA.
4-Try to polish your computer skills too.
5-Researcher are always given respect in all fields of studies, so try to write as much quality research papers as you can.
6-Only enter in the field of Accounting or Accountancy if you have deep interest in this field. Never follow the current trends blindly without assessing your natural talent, skills and aptitude.
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