Alternative Options of MBBS & BDS After FSc Pre Medical & A-Level

What to Do After F.Sc Pre Medical & A-Level Other Than MBBS & BDS
Every student of F.Sc Pre Medical and A-Level wants to become a doctor or dental physician. But due to limited available seats in medical and dental colleges competition is increasing day by day and only small number of lucky students can get admission in medical and dental colleges.


 Alternative Options of MBBS & BDS After FSc Pre Medical & A-LevelAlternative Options of MBBS & BDS After FSc Pre Medical & A-Level

Financially strong students get admission in foreign and local private medical and dental colleges. But the remaining of thousands students lose heart and interest in their studies as its a common perception that medical students have very limited options after intermediate. Its not a hundred percent right perception but at the same time not 100% wrong perception.

There are always lot of career options for students who have firm belief on their abilities. But some students make it their aim in life to become a doctor. Such students want to add the title of Dr with their names at any cost. In fact its not an healthy attitude, still such students also have many options like D.P.T,Pharm-D, B.E.M.S, D.V.M, B.H.M.S, M.Sc Applied & Clinical Psychology and PhD. Through all these degrees you can satisfy your inner strong desire. But its my personal suggestion for all of you that your aim in life should be to become a successful and useful member of society rather than becoming a Doctor.

You will find lot of jobless doctors and dental surgeons. Many doctor fail even in their private practice too. Young doctors association give the call of strike very often just for demanding better service structure. So there is no guarantee that after becoming a doctor you will financially independent and strong. If you want to become a doctor to serve the humanity then who told you that only doctors can do so. In every field of life you can deliver some thing positive to society and humanity at large. Can lawyers, government officers, soldiers, professors, scientists not serve humanity. Please come out of the fantasy world and dreamland.

You must have noticed that large number of doctors appear in competitive exams after completion of their graduation. Think with calm mind that why these doctors change their line after completion of these professional degrees. If M.B.B.S and B.DS degrees are symbol of success in life then why such a large number of doctors leave this profession at this stage. If they were committed to serve humanity and they used to think that medical profession is the only source of helping others then why these so called benefactors of humanity change their career path after becoming doctors. So my dear brothers and sisters MBBS and BDS are not the only sources of success in life. You people are too the cream of society, you can make your future bright in many of your related fields and serve the humanity too, as serving the humanity just requires your strong commitment and will. In short recognize and improve your self worth. Below we have given list of some nontraditional B.Sc (Hons), BS, and B.Sc degrees through which you can still make your career successful. All these programs have great scope within the country and abroad.
Applied Microbiology
Environmental Sciences
Nutrition & Dietetics
Biological Sciences
Poultry Science
Dairy Technology
Medical Imaging Technology
Medical Lab Technology
Speech and Language Pathology
Dental Technology
Dental Hygiene
Applied Psychology
Home Economics
Bio Informatics
BBA Agri Business
Feed Technology
Farm Management
Agri Sciences
B Pharmacy

We have just given the list of some high scope courses related to medical field. Large number of commerce, management, accountancy and humanities related options are also open for you. Visit our courses and career category for details.

Important Note About Alternative Options of MBBS & BDS After FSc Pre Medical & A-Level
All those students who want to change their line, can appear in additional paper of Mathematics. BS computer science is a great option for them after that.
You may also appear in MCAT entry test after B.Sc.
Those students who want to appear in competitive exam must take those subjects in graduation, which they will like to opt in CSS or PMS exams. You can appear in competitive exams after graduation so it is the right time to make your long term planning for preparation of competitive exams. Visit our competitive exam category for further guidance in this regard. Feel free to consult our team of professional career counselors for seeking guidance about alternative options of MBBS & BDS after FSc Pre Medical & A-Level. We try to reply your each and every query without wasting time. Visit your website and its facebook page regularly for career counseling and career guidance.  Stay blessed always.






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