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ASI Jobs Guide, Assistant Sub Inspector Job Description, Eligibility, Duties, Powers, Tips

ASI Job Description, Assistant Sub Inspector Jobs in Pakistan, Eligibility Criteria, Responsibilities, Benefits, Facilities, Powers, Super Tips & Qualities Required For ASI Jobs
ASI stands for assistant sub inspector. It is the most junior officer rank in police department. This post is above head constable and constable. ASI jobs are announced by Punjab police, ASF, Sindh Police, KPK Police, ANF, CTD, AJK Police, Anti Corruption Establishment, Balochistan police, capital police, FIA, Railway police, GB police and Pakistan rangers. ASIs are assigned beats and investigation of cases. ASI is responsible for enforcing the law and maintaining order in their communities. The assistant sub inspector will uphold the law, enforce the law, and maintain order. This includes arresting criminals and booking them; performing patrol duties in a vehicle or on foot; conducting investigations including surveillance, undercover work, interrogations and collecting evidence.



Eligibility Criteria For ASI Jobs in Pakistan Police

Now generally assistant sub inspectors are recruited through provincial public service in Pakistan. They are given BPS 11. Now minimum required qualification for ASI jobs is BA and BSc. In some departments still inter pass candidates can apply for assistant sub inspector jobs. 18 years is lower age limit and 26 years in upper age limit for ASI jobs. Candidates are called for running test, written test, interview and medical examination. Height of the candidates should be at least 5 feet and 7 inches. Required chest size is 33″-34.5″.



Responsibilities and Duties of Assistant Sub Inspector (ASI):

Assistant sub inspectors are the public face of law enforcement. They are responsible for law enforcement, investigation and crime prevention. Here is a list of responsibilities of ASI in Pakistan police;

ASI Job Description, Assistant Sub Inspector Jobs in Pakistan, Eligibility Criteria, Responsibilities, Benefits, Facilities, Powers, Super Tips & Qualities Required For ASI Jobs

ASI Jobs Guide, Assistant Sub Inspector Job Description, Eligibility, Duties, Powers, Tips


1-Delivering a proactive response to crime while working in collaboration with other law enforcement agencies and local residents.

2-Patrolling on foot or in a vehicle.

3-Controlling traffic, making public safety announcements, collecting evidence at crime scenes, and estimating crowd size.

4-Responding to emergency calls by talking to victims of abuse and reporting crimes to the dispatcher.

5-Following up on tips and leads from informants, patrol officers, security guards, citizens, and other members of the community.

6-He works as In charge of raids on drug houses. He wears a bullet proof vest at the time of critical raids.

7-He protects property from theft.

8-ASI Provides assistance to members of the public as necessary.

9-ASI in Pakistan conducts investigations into suspicious behavior/activity.
10-He interrogates suspects/witnesses.

11-Assistant sub inspector collects evidence such as fingerprints to be used in prosecution.

12-He prepares charges and presents evidence to prosecutor.

13-He makes arrests by enforcing provisions of municipal bylaws, provincial statutes and federal laws.

14-ASI in police submits a report outlining activities for the shift which may subsequently be used in court proceedings should an accused person be convicted.

15-He investigate at crime scenes and arrest criminal offenders after collecting evidences.

16-He Provides public information in support of law enforcement and public safety initiatives.

17-ASI alerts the public to criminal activity and emergencies.

18-He Serves as a first responder at emergency scenes with the capacity to provide emergency medical assistance.

19-ASI in traffic police Enforce traffic laws and responding to traffic accidents or other emergencies.

20-He Participates in community outreach activities with the goal of preventing crime in communities.



Requirements for ASI Jobs:

Excellent verbal communication skills.
Should have a problem solving skills.
Should have good IQ and EQ level.
Should have excellent general knowledge.



ASI Jobs Benefits, Powers and Facilities

There are many benefits to being a ASI police officer, some of which include:
1. Assistant Sub Inspectors have the opportunity to work in a high-pressure and exciting environment.

2. A police officer can earn a good salary, depending on their experience and qualifications.

3. Assistant Sub Inspectors have the opportunity to travel regularly, either for work or for leisure purposes.

4. Assistant Sub Inspectors have the opportunity to attend conferences and seminars for training, career development and new innovation in criminology.

5. Assistant Sub Inspectors have the opportunity to take part in most welfare benefits including government housing schemes and health insurance. All these benefits are available from day one!

6 . Assistant Sub Inspectors have the opportunity to undergo training that is often very skilled and beneficial, for example in field of criminology, IT and law.

7. Assistant Sub Inspectors have access to many equipment benefits like safety vests and body armor etc. which can make them feel safer during normal engagements; there are also devices used by police like throttles (oxygen masks), crime scene tape machine guns and other useful items essential for the cop’s work.

8 . Assistant Sub Inspectors have their own canteen facility and are provided with food packages by the government which is served in their usual schedule. They also gain an additional meal allowance corresponding to what type of amount they earn as monthly pay and there are many more attractive benefits available with this allowance allocation too!

9 . ASI has direct access to all kinds of benefits like social security and medical plans depending on whether they have a spouse or children for example. Their kids can get scholarships and marriage grant in Pakistan.

10 .Nationwide salaries of ASI vary depending on a number of different factors like experience and job type for example ASI in CTD police get 54500 rupees monthly risk allowance.



Why You Should Join Police Force as ASI?

There are many reasons why someone should join the police force as ASI. Some reasons include the desire to help people, working with others, and providing a safety net for society. Additionally, those who join the police force often have excellent problem solving skills as well as a strong work ethic.



Qualities Required in a ASI (Assistant Sub Inspector)

The qualities of a good assistant sub inspectors include being patient, observant, and thorough. Officers must be able to handle difficult situations with composure and resolve. They must also be able to work well with others and be able to handle stress. The duties of a police officer consist primarily of maintaining the welfare and safety of individuals in the community, including investigating and preventing crime. In most countries, they are trained to guard their own communities against violence at all costs. They also serve as first responders during natural or political disasters (e.g. earth quake, flood etc).


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Tips For Getting ASI Jobs

There are a few things that you can do to increase your chances of getting an ASI job. First make sure that you have a strong academic record. Secondly get involved in extracurricular activities and leadership roles while you are in college. Finally improve your general knowledge about Pakistan Studies, Islamic Studies, Mathematics, Science, Current Affairs, Urdu, English and Information Technology. Buy ASI jobs guide and who is who and what is what books and prepare them thoroughly. Read following article of too;


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