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Biography Data Ganj Bakhsh in Urdu & English, Data Darbar, Kashf al-Mahjub, Urs & Legacy

From Sufi Saint to Spiritual Master: The Life of Data Ganj Bakhsh
This post is about biography of Biography Data Ganj Bakhsh. We are going to publish biography of Hazar Ali Hujwiri both in English and Urdu languages on this page of HaData Ganj Bakhsh (RA) was a great Sufi saint and scholar who lived in the 11th century in Lahore, Pakistan. He is also known as Ali Hujwiri. Data Darbar is the shrine built in his honor and is one of the most popular shrines in Pakistan. Hazrat Data Ganj Bakhsh (RA) was born in 1009 CE in Ghazni, Afghanistan. His real name was Ali bin Usman bin Ali bin Abdullah bin Hasan bin Ali bin Abi Talib, but he is commonly known as Data Ganj Bakhsh, which means “the treasure-giver of Lahore”. Earning the title of “Data” or “master of the spiritual kingdom” is not an easy feat. It requires a great deal of knowledge, understanding and spirituality. Hazrat Data Ganj Bakhsh was one of the few people who could lay claim to such a title.

Comprehensive Biography of Data Ganj Bakhsh

He belonged to the Qadiri order of Sufism. After receiving primary education in Ghazni, he traveled to Baghdad to study under the great scholar Imam Abu Yusuf. He then went to Samarra to study under Imam Jafar al-Sadiq. Hazrat Data Ganj Bakhsh was a direct descendant of Imam Hasan, the grandson of the Holy Prophet (peace & blessings be upon him). His real name was Ali bin Usman. He was a great teacher & had many students who became famous scholars in their own right.


Hazrat Data Ganj Bakhsh (RA) returned to Lahore after completing his studies and began to spread the message of Sufism & Islam. He soon became very popular & his teachings attracted many people from all over the world.


Not much is known about his early life, but it is thought that he traveled to India to study under the guidance of a renowned teacher. It was in Baghdad that he met many sufi saints of that era and learnt the secrets and basics of Sufism from them. Hazrat Data Ganj Bakhsh was greatly influenced by Hazrat Bayazid Bastami’s teachings & decided to spread the message of Islam to the people of India. He settled in Lahore, where he established a Sufi order known as the Qadiri order. He quickly gained a large following and became one of the most respected Sufi saints of his time. Hazrat Data Ganj Bakhsh spent the rest of his life spreading the message of Islam & helping people to achieve spiritual enlightenment.



What is Data Darbar?

In 1026 CE, Hazrat Data Ganj Bakhsh (RA) built a khanqah (Sufi center) in Lahore, which became known as Data Darbar. This was the first Sufi center in Lahore & is still one of the most popular shrines in Pakistan. Now Data Darbar has become a big complex where there is a mosque, library, hall, shrine and 24/7 dastarkhawan. People daily distribute food items at the shrine of Hazrat Ali Hujwiri. Lahore is also called the city of Data Ganj Bakhsh. Who ever visit the Lahore also pay his tribute at Data Darbar.



What is Kashf al-Mahjub?

Hazrat Data Ganj Bakhsh (RA) was a great scholar and mystic. Hazrat Data Ganj Bakhsh (RA) was a great lover of Allah & His beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). He was a great scholar of Islam and wrote many books on the subjects of Sufism, Tasawwuf & Islamic Mysticism. His most famous book is “Kashf al-Mahjub” which is considered to be the first book on Sufism in the history of Islam.
This unique book is about the history & philosophy of Sufism, an Islamic faith that has a significant impact on Muslim culture. The author, Data Ganj Bakhsh Ali Hujwiri has written extensively on this subject and provides a clear understanding of the philosophical underpinnings of Sufism. He also offers interesting insights into the history & development of this faith. This book is an excellent resource for anyone interested in Sufism or Muslim culture.



The Kashf al-Mahjub Book on Sufism by Data Ganj Bakhsh Ali Hujwiri is a comprehensive & scholarly work that dives deeply into the spiritual beliefs & practices of the sufism. This book provides an in-depth analysis of sufism and saints, their mystical insights & the complex spiritual tradition they share.



Hazrat Data Ganj Bakhsh (RA) was a great saint and a great benefactor of humanity. He provided many services to the people of his era and helped many people in their spiritual & material needs.



Urs of Hazrat Data Ganj Bakhsh (RA)

Every year, on the 18, 19 & 20 Safar, the Urs (death anniversary) of Hazrat Data Ganj Bakhsh (RA) is celebrated with great reverence and respect by Muslims all over the world. On this occasion, Muslims from all over the world come to Data Darbar to offer their prayers and to pay homage to the great saint.



Teaching & Legacy of Ali Hujwiri Data Ganj Bakhsh

Hazrat Data Ganj Bakhsh’s teachings have helped many people to achieve a higher level of spirituality and understanding. He became a saint at an early age and quickly gained fame for his miracles & extraordinary wisdom. Hujwiri is known as the ‘wise old man’ of Islam and he is credited with helping to revive the faith after many years of decline. He taught people about Islam & its teachings and also helped to spread Islamic values throughout the world. Ali Hujwiri is considered a saint by Muslims around the world and his relics are still venerated today.


Hazrat Ali Hujwiri helped lead a major revival of Islam in 11th century & he was also responsible for spreading the faith through his teachings. He remains an influential figure today & his legacy continues to be respected by Muslims all over the world. We should follow the teachings of Syed Meeran Hussain Zanjani and Hazrat Ali Hujwiri for getting success in our lives. At the end we this page we have given the biography Data Ganj Bakhsh in Urdu language;


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Biography Data Ganj Bakhsh in Urdu & English, Data Darbar, Kashf al-Mahjub, Urs & Legacy


Biography Data Ganj Bakhsh in Urdu & English, Data Darbar, Kashf al-Mahjub, Urs & Legacy