Biotechnology Definition, Jobs, Career, Scope, Applications & Degrees

Biotechnology Introduction, Jobs, Career, Scope, Required Skills,  Subjects, Applications & Degrees

What is biotechnology?
Biotechnology is branch of Biology which deals with the use of living organism like bacteria and cells for production of different products like medicines and bio-fuels. We can also describe it briefly as application of latest technology, using the living organism to obtain useful products like medicines, pesticides, modified plants etc. There is close connection between Bio-engineering, Genomics, Bio-medical Engineering, Bioprocess Engineering, Biorobotics, Chemical Engineering, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Microbiology, Agricultural Science, Bioinformatics, Genetic Engineering, Proteomics, Applied Immunology, Pharmaceutical Therapies, Biopharmaceutical Engineering, Food Technology, Biochemistry, Biophysics and Genetics. You are introduced briefly about all these subjects in your degree program. You may get specialization and job in all these areas.

What Biotechnologists Do?
1-Generally biotechnologists works as researchers in universities, research institutes and industries.

2-They try to develop new scientific methods for the improvement of food production.

3-They do the research and development work in the field of bio-fuels for overcoming the energy crisis.

4-Try to develop new techniques and scientific methods in the field of food technology by using the micro-organisms and chemical processes. They invent new methods and improve existing methods for the production and preservation of different kinds food, cheese, curd, bread and soft drinks.

5-They do the the research in the medical field for improving methods of diagnosis, medicines, gene therapy treatments, drugs and vaccinations for diseases.

Biotechnology Definition, Jobs, Career, Scope, Applications & Degrees

Biotechnology Definition, Jobs, Career, Scope, Applications & Degrees

6-Biotechnologists develops high-yield crops. They also invent new varieties of seeds resistance to pests and plant diseases.

7-They invent new antibiotics and pesticides for genetically improved germs and pests.

8-They combat environmental pollution by introducing new methods for recycling the waste material and by researching on bio-fuels.

9-By using the techniques of genetic engineering, they develop new disease-resistant farm animals.

10-Other then scientific research labs and universities they work in different industries like
Chemical industries
Textile industry
Food Industry
Pharmaceutical Industry
Pesticide industry

11-Guide students in universities about the scientific research methods.

12-Invent new methods for the treatment of industrial waste.

13-They modify genetic structure in animals for getting more production of flesh, milk, wool and eggs. Modified microorganism are used for research in the field of medicines.

Qualities Required
If you want to study Biotechnology then you must possess following qualities.
Problem solving ability
Ability to work in a team.
Innovative attitude, sharp intellect and strong determination.
Out of the box thinking ability
Research attitude
Analytical and creative nature
A deep urge to serve the humanity at large
Love for biology
Hard worker
Imaginative mindset with high IQ and EQ

Biotechnology Jobs, Career & Scope
There is a great scope of biotechnology and biotechnologists through out the world. Undergraduate degree holders are given the job of research technician. A research technician assist the senior biotechnologists in labs. You may find jobs in following areas.
Private and government research labs
Educational institutes
High tech laboratories
Scientific research journals
Chemical industries
Textile industry
Food industry
Pesticide industry
Cosmetic industry
Manufacturing industries
Agricultural Industries and labs
Food manufacturing industry
Healthcare field
Pharmaceutical companies

Biotechnology Degrees
BSc (Hons)
We recommend you to get maximum higher degree in biotechnology as being a research based field you need at least master degree for better career opportunities.

Biotechnology in Pakistan
We lack research culture and labs in Pakistan but now universities and some industries are emphasizing on it so we can hope that the soon there will be great scope of Biotechnology in Pakistan too. Even now limited jobs are available for you in following areas in Pakistan;
Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
Environmental Biotechnology
Food Biotechnology
Plant Biotechnology
Agricultural Biotechnology
Animal Biotechnology
Industrial Biotechnology
Industrial Biotechnology
Biotechnology products
Majority of these jobs are available in academia, public research labs and some industries, so you may proceed in this field with full confidence as this will guarantee your bright future. Stay in touch with us and our faceboo page for guidance about scope of different fields of studies.


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