Breaking News -Tasleema Nasreen Diagnosed with breast Tumor
We have a breaking news for you about Tasleema Nasreen. According to media news doctors diagnosed cancer to notorious Bangladeshi writer Tasleema Nasreen, who wrote a book against the teaching of Islam and made fun of different Islamic teachings. Doctors has diagnosed breast tumor to her. Her mother had died with cancer and her brother is also suffering with this fatal disease and doctors are not hopeful about his possibilities of cure. Tasleema said in her tweet “I want to live and i don’t want to die with a fatal disease like cancer”. American doctors has suggested biopsy and mammography to Tasleema Nasreen.

Tasleema Nasreen was born in Memon Singh. She got the MBBS degree in 1986. She married twice but both of her husbands divorced her due to her anti Islam thoughts. Who can say that it is a co incident that all her family has become victim of cancer. Yes, we agree that all cancer is not the sign of punishment by Almighty Allah as Dr Qadeer and many other Muslims are also suffering with cancer but their attitude towards the disease and death is the main difference between them and Tasleema Nasreen.

Muslims take disease as a trial from Almighty Allah and they don’t fear to die. But Tasleema Nasreen is begging for life and she don’t want to die. Do you know why? In fact her guilty mind knows that what she has done and what she will has to face in the world hereafter. Muslim cannot forgive her because her crime is out of their jurisdiction but she should beg forgiveness to Almighty Allah for her sins and crimes. Otherwise the day is not far when every one will be accountable for his deeds. You can read the details about this breaking news in Urdu below this Post. Stay in touch with your own website and its face book page for latest breaking news from all over the world.


Breaking news about tasleema nasreen

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