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SAT Test Guide For All, Intro, Format, Preparation & Tips

What is SAT Test

SAT test introduction, preparation guide line and format of SAT test is available on this page. SAT is the abbreviation of Scholastic Assessment Test. SAT is a paper base standardized test which was introduced in 1926. SAT is required for admission in the under graduate programs of American colleges and universities. SAT is designed to test the student’s writing, critical reading and mathematical skills.

Total duration of the test is 3 hours and 45 minutes. College board USA develops and conducts the Scholastic Assessment Test. Student should take SAT after preparation as if you will take the SAT for multiple times, your previous result will also be sent to your designated institutes. Well SAT is not the requirements of all the colleges in USA but the state (Public) colleges and institutes do demand SAT.

SAT Preparation
You can get premium as well as free preparation material from the official website of college board. Many other websites also offer free SAT practice test. You can search on Google for the websites which provide free SAT preparation material and practice tests. Some books are also available in market for preparation of SAT.

SAT                                   SAT Test Guide For All, Intro, Format, Preparation & Tips

SAT test has following  three sections.

Duration of this section is 70 minutes. This section includes questions about sentence completions, critical reading passage questions, paragraph length reading and reading comprehension. There will be three sub sections of reading section i.e one 20 minute section and two 25 minutes sections.

Total duration of writing section will be one hour. You will have to write an essay in 25 minutes. There will be 2 other sections one ten minutes section and one 25 minutes section. In these sections you will be given short questions about improving sentences, identifying sentence errors and improving paragraphs.This section is designed to test ability of writing standard English language.

Duration of this section is 70 minutes. Math section comprises of two subsections of 25 minutes and one sub section of 20 minute. In this section you will be given problems with multiple answers you will have to choose the right answer of every problem. In some questions you will not be given the answers of the problems and you will have to solve the problem yourself. All the questions (problems) will be related to Algebra, Geometry, Statistics and data analysis.

Prohibited items
You cannot bring following items in the test center
Mobile phones
I pads t tablets
MP3 or MP4 devices
Any kind of computing devices
Scientific calculator
Timers or pagers
Pens or mechanical pencils
Any audio or video recording device
Test staff will collect prohibited items before the test. If you tried to access such items even during the break, your score will be canceled.
Allowed items
Admission ticket
Photo identification
Two No.2 Pencils
Simple approved calculator
Wrist watch
Packed snacks and soft drinks

We will continue to write more articles on SAT and other standardized test on your demand. You may also visit college board website for further details.Visit your own website and its face book page  regularly for having guidance about all standardized tests like GMAT, GRE, IELTS and TOEFL.


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