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BS Criminology Scope in Pakistan, Subjects, Universities, Eligibility, Jobs, Salary, Merit

Scope of BS Criminology in Pakistan, Job Types, Admission, Benefits, Future, Challenges, Qualities Needed, Job Areas, Career Counseling Guide & Tips
BS criminology has become a very popular bachelor level degree program in Pakistan, but still many students have very limited information about this bachelor of science program, that’s why has decided to write this detailed career counseling based post on scope of BS criminology in Pakistan. In this career guide we shall cover all the aspects about career scope of BS Criminology in Pakistan like intro, eligibility criteria, salary, future prospects, benefits, subjects, universities, potential challenges, job areas and job types. Lets explore BS criminology degree program;


What is Criminology?

In this day and age, crime is a key part of almost any society. Criminology is the scientific study of the causes, consequences & control of crime & it is an essential area of study in this regard. It deals with proper precautions & ways to understand the detrimental effects of criminal behavior.



BS Criminology Scope in Pakistan, Subjects, Universities, Eligibility, Jobs, Salary, Merit

BS Criminology Scope in Pakistan, Subjects, Universities, Eligibility, Jobs, Salary, Merit

As per another definition criminology is a broad field of study which deals with the investigation & analysis of criminal behavior, its root causes & the possible remedies that can be employed to prevent or reduce crime rate in the society. In essence, it focuses on understanding why people commit crimes & what measures can be taken to reduce or prevent crime. It involves an in-depth look into the different theories of crime & the social, economic & political contexts that contribute to crime.



What is BS Criminology?

A Bachelor of Science (BS) in Criminology is an undergraduate degree which helps students gain an in-depth understanding of the complexities of various crimes & their prevention. The bachelor of Science in criminology program combines elements of sociology, psychology & law in order to gain a more comprehensive understanding of criminal behavior & its causes. The courses included in this degree enable graduates to comprehend the causes, consequences & effects of different types of criminal activities. This program also equips them with knowledge & skills needed to work in different fields related to criminology. Students enrolled in this program learn about the various theories of criminal behavior & the social, economic & political impacts of criminal activity. They also gain a better insight into the legal system & the various methods of crime prevention & deterrence.


What are the Requirements for BS Criminology in Pakistan?

In Pakistan, a BS Criminology is mostly a 4-year degree program, depending on the university’s curriculum. Generally, to start the degree, a student should have at least a secondary school certificate with a minimum of 45-50% marks. DAE diploma holders are also eligible to apply. Once enrolled in the program, students acquire essential knowledge on topics such as criminology & criminal justice, public & private policing, crime statistics, juvenile delinquency, sociology of crime & law, the application of criminal law & the application of security measures.



What is the Scope of BS Criminology in Pakistan? Jobs as a Criminologist

The scope of BS Criminology in Pakistan is varied & it includes opportunities to work in police departments, legal clinics, correctional centers, security & surveillance organizations, socio-legal research institutes, crime labs & various criminal justice departments. The field also involves a deep understanding of theories of crime, methods of crime prevention and deterrence, legal systems, and various law enforcement strategies. Graduates of the program can pursue employment in a variety of positions in both the private and public sectors.



Job Areas & Job Types After BS Criminology

After graduating from a BS Criminology program, a student has a wide range of career options. Many opt for a job in the criminal justice system as police officers, detectives or correctional officers. They could also be employed in the armed forces, private security agencies or the judiciary. Other job roles in the private sector that these graduates can apply for include data analysts, managerial consultants, security consultant, criminologist, crime analyst, policy analyst, correctional officer, legal assistant & research assistants.



Other than law enforcement agencies you may also work as private Investigator, Jail warden, criminal psychologist, criminal profiler, fire investigators, crime reporter, financial examiners, lecturer, forensic science expert, probation officer, social worker, security manager, consultant and private detective. In public sector you may also get jobs in CTD, FIA, NAB, coast guard, rangers, IB, Dolphin force, military police, anti corruption establishment, custom department, elite force, crime branch, ANF, ASF etc. You may also get job in police training school for teaching the criminology to the newly recruited police officers.



Scope of Criminology & Forensic Science-Jobs, Career, Core Topics & Job Nature


Who Should Get BS Criminology Degree?

BS criminology degree is best bachelor of science program for those students who want to join law enforcement agencies in Pakistan as officer. It is also an ideal program for criminal lawyers and for those who want to join print or electronic media as crime reporter.


What are the Salary Expectations for BS Criminology Graduates in Pakistan?

The salary expectations for BS Criminology graduates in Pakistan can range from PKR 50,000 to PKR 80,000, depending on the job role. A CTD Corporal’s salary would usually be higher than a ASI’s. Candidates can always expect a boost in salary as they gain more experience in their respective fields.


What is the Future of BS Criminology in Pakistan?

The future of BS Criminology in Pakistan looks promising. With the increasing rate of crime & other unlawful activities, the demand for professionals with in-depth knowledge of the criminal justice system is set to increase significantly. In addition, the application of new technologies in the field of crime prevention & detection is expected to further increase the demand for BS Criminology graduates in the coming years. To meet this growing demand, universities are springing up across the country, offering courses specifically related to criminology.


What are the Benefits of Pursuing BS Criminology in Pakistan?

Getting BS Criminology has many benefits. It provides students with a better understanding of the criminal justice system & helps them to become better informed about the issues that affect crime in our society. It also enables them to enter professions in a variety of sectors & provides them with the opportunity to gain a degree from a reputed university. It provides them with a comprehensive understanding of the theories & methods of crime prevention, as well as a good knowledge of the legal system. Furthermore, it helps build problem solving skills, encourages research-orientation & provides the opportunity to acquire in-depth knowledge of the criminal justice field.


What are the Challenges Faced by BS Criminology Graduates in Pakistan?

On the other hand, there are also certain challenges faced by BS Criminology graduates in Pakistan. For starters, gaining a job in this field can be difficult, as the market is quite competitive. Many other professions require certifications & specializations related to criminology, making it even harder for students to stand out among the crowd. Furthermore, as the field is undergoing rapid transformation, the criminology graduates need to remain updated on the latest developments in the criminal justice system in order to remain successful in the profession. Moreover, the lack of employment opportunities can be quite discouraging.



What is the Difference Between BS Criminology and other Related Fields in Pakistan?

When compared to other fields, such as psychology, law and sociology, BS Criminology is slightly different. Criminology is more concerned with the basic causes of crime & its impact on individuals, while sociology is concerned with the social & developmental aspects of crime, where as criminal Justice & Law focus on the implementation of the laws and on the other hand Psychology deals with the mental health aspects of criminal behavior. Criminology deals with the structure and laws of criminal justice systems & the prevention of crime, while other fields focus on general theories & research. In short it is important to understand that while the main topic of these programs is similar, the approach differs & criminology is a blend of several disciplines that combine to provide a holistic view of crime and its causes.



Which Universities offer BS Criminology in Pakistan?

In Pakistan, several universities offer BS Criminology programs, including the University Of Malakand, Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto University Of Law Karachi, University of Sindh, University Of Karachi, Pimsat Institute Of Higher Education Karachi, Riphah International University, The University Of Lahore, Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan, University Of Okara, PU Lahore, Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan, The University Of Faisalabad, Nfc Institute Of Engineering & Technology Multan, University Of Peshawar, The Superior University Lahore and Emerson University Multan.



Qualities Required in a Criminologist

In order to succeed in this field, a person needs to have a certain set of skills & qualities, including an ability to understand & analyse legal processes, analytical reasoning, literary & communication skills, data analysis & an open mind. A criminologist needs to be highly analytical & possess a firm understanding & awareness of legal systems & ethical standards. In order to be successful in BS Criminology, students must possess a keen interest in criminal justice & legal issues, an understanding of the factors that influence criminal behavior & the ability to effectively communicate & work in teams. Furthermore, candidates must also develop problem solving & research skills, in order to be effective in their position.



Subjects Taught in BS Criminology

In Pakistan Statistics, English, Pol Science, Environmental Science, Computer Art, Geology, Communication Skills & Personality Development, History, Pakistan Studies, Islamic Studies, Introduction to Criminology, Intro to Law, Patterns of Crime, Organizational Behaviour & Human Resource Development, Theoretical Perspectives on Crimes & Criminals, Intro to Security Studies, Intro to Private Security Management, National & International Perspective of Crime & Security, Juvenile Delinquency, Sociology of Deviance, Active Citizenship Program, Islamic Perspective on Crime & Punishment, Penology,Applied Criminology, Criminal Justice System, Crime & Security, Crime Mapping, Enterpreneurship, Criminal Psychology, Procedure of Evidence in Criminal Law, Forensic Criminology, Police & Policing, Terrorism & Counter Terrorism, Organized Crime & Money Laundering , Methods of Criminal Investigations, Cyber Crimes and Drugs, Abuse & HR Related Crimes subjects are taught is BS Criminology. In the last 2 semester you will also have to submit final year project.



Best Alternative Degree of BS Criminology

If you fail to get admission in BS criminology degree program due to its high merit or any other reason then you may consider about its alternative degree programs like BS Forensic Science, LLB, BS Psychology, BS Sociology and BS Mass Communication as all these degrees have same scope in Pakistan and abroad. For one to one detailed career counseling you may contact our team any time.




The curriculum of the Bachelor of Science Criminology program provides students with knowledge and proficiency in various aspects of crime and its investigation from a scientific perspective. This degree also prepares graduates for employment as analysts, investigators or educators within a correctional facility.


Those interested in learning more about BS Criminology can consult the Department of Criminology of above mentioned universities of Pakistan for further details about the program’s structure and admission requirements. In the last i will like to recommend you to read the following post of too;


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