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BS Political Science Subjects, Books & Syllabus in Pakistan, Best BS Degree For CSS Exam

Bachelor of Science Political Science Subjects, Books, Key Topics & Syllabus in Pakistan, Best 4 Years BS Degree For CSS & PMS Exams
This career counseling based article is about significance of BS political science subjects. BS Political science is a highly respected academic field that covers a wide range of topics and issues. It has been used to study government, politics, international relations, public policy, and more. Political science careers can be extremely rewarding and versatile. There are plenty of opportunities for political science professionals in both the public and private sectors. Additionally, many political science graduates go on to pursue graduate degrees in law or other fields. If you are interested in a career in political science, it is important to research your options and develop a scope of interests that align with the field. There are many excellent online resources available that can help you start this process.



Importance of Political Science

Political science is an important academic discipline that helps to understand the workings of society and the political system. It is an essential tool for practitioners of democracy, as well as researchers in a variety of other fields. Political scientists work on a wide range of projects, including studying elections and public opinion, developing theories about how political institutions function, and researching policy options. Political science is also valuable for teaching students about the political system and how it works.



BS Political Science Subjects in Pakistan

In Pakistan, BS Political Science program is offered at various universities. Political Science has close connection with public administration, international relations, history, economics, and sociology. The main purpose of BS Pol Science is to provide students with the necessary tools to understand and analyze political systems and processes around the world. Additionally, these courses can help individuals develop a strong understanding of public policy making and the impact that politics has on economic development. Here is a list of subjects and books taught in BS Political Science;


Scope of BS Political Science in Pakistan, Fee, Merit, Universities, Benefits, Jobs, Pay

BS Political Science Subjects, Books & Syllabus in Pakistan, Best BS Degree For CSS Exam

Basics of Computer Science
Introduction to Psychology
Logic and Critical Thinking
Pak Studies
Elementary Math-I (Algebra)
International Relations
Introduction of Economics
Communication Skills
Academic Reading & Writing
Elementary Mathematics-II (Calculus)
Developed Political Systems
Fundamental of Geography
Philosophy An Over View
English for Practical Use
Developing Political Systems
Pakistan Movement
Gen Science,
Fundamentals of Sociology
Western Political Philosophy
Muslim Political Philosophy
Comparative & Developmental Politics
Popular Political Ideologies
Public Administration
History of IR
Local Government An Introduction
Methods of Study and Research
Analysis of Foreign Policy
Public International Law
Foreign Policy of Pakistan
Basics of Diplomacy
Foreign Policies of United States & United Kingdom
Local Government Systems in Pakistan
Introduction to International Organizations
Introduction to Regional Organizations
Political Ideologies


What is a Political Scientist?

A political scientist is a professional who specializes in the study of politics. Political scientists work in universities, research institutes, and government departments around the world. They study a wide range of topics related to politics, including public policy, electoral processes, political parties and movements, international relations, civil society, and comparative politics. Political scientists may also specialize in one or more specific areas of politics such as constitutional law or election analysis.



Is Political Science a Science?

There is a lot of debate surrounding the status of political science as a science. Some people argue that political science does not meet the scientific criteria because its theories cannot be tested empirically. Others claim that despite its limitations, political science can still be considered a science, because it employs empirical methods to study politics. The main issue with this debate is that it is difficult to determine whether or not a theory is empirical simply by looking at it. To make a judgement call about the status of a theory, one would need to know more about the methodologies used in research and the evidence that has been used to support those methods. In essence, this debate reflects upon how much we understand about how evidence can help us determine truthfulness of claims made in scientific disciplines.

Topics Covered in BS Political Science

Political science is the study of politics, which refers to the practice and theory of how societies are organized. It encompasses public administration, political economy, international relations, law, and public opinion. Topics covered in political science courses can vary significantly but may include government structure and policy making, civil liberties and human rights, national security and defense policies, elections and representation, environmental policy making, trade agreements and their effects on economic development. In addition to these core topics, students may also explore specific sub-fields such as comparative politics or statecraft.



Why Study Political Science?

Political science provides an understanding of the political process, including how individuals and groups interact to create and maintain governments. It also examines the relationships among citizens, their governments, and international organizations. Political scientists use a variety of methods to study politics, including surveys, interviews, and focus groups.


Political scientists can work in a number of fields, including government administration, journalism, law, international relations, or public policy. They typically have a graduate degree in political science and may also have experience working as researchers or consultants.



Bachelor of Science Political Science is Best BS Degree For CSS Exam

CSS aspirants should prefer to get admission in Bachelor of Science Political Science as it is best BS degree in Pakistan for clearing CSS exam. It is also a recommended degree program for students who want to appear in provincial management services PMS exam, because this Bachelor of Science in Political Science degree covers many elective subjects of central superior service and PMS exams in Pakistan like Political Science, History of Pakistan, Sociology, Public Administration, Governance & Public Policies, Constitutional Law, Philosophy, Psychology and Geography. This program will also help you in CSS and PMS compulsory subjects of Pak affairs, Everyday Science, Islamic Studies and general knowledge.



In short remember that BS political science subjects and syllabus cover lot of elective and compulsory subjects of CSS and PMS, so if you want to appear in any competitive exam in Pakistan then after intermediate do get admission BS Political Science degree program and study with full concentration. Try to clear your concepts in all above mentioned subjects and write the answers in your own words for becoming a 17th grade officer in Pakistan.


Scope of BS Political Science in Pakistan, Fee, Merit, Universities, Benefits, Jobs, Pay