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Cadet College Sialkot Admission 2024, Entry Test Result

Cadet College Sialkot Admission 2024 in  6th, 7th, 8th & 9th Classes, Entry Test Result

Cadet College prepare the students for commission in armed forces like Navy, Air Force, Army and SSG. Students are trained for clearing the army recruitment tests like ISSB. They are trained for discipline life. Due to extra education even after failure to join armed forces they get other forces job like Police, ISI, IB, Rangers, CTD, CID etc. They may also clear CSS, PCS or PMS exam for becoming civil servant. They just need to continue to follow the strict study and exercise schedule which they are taught in cadet colleges.



Cadet College Sialkot is one of the best cadet colleges of Pakistan. Majority of its teachers and instructors are ex commissioned officers of army, PAF and Navy. Large number of its ex students are serving the country in ASF, Army, PAF, Pak Navy, CIA, Rangers, CID, Elliot Police, Dolphin Force, Elite Police, CTD, IB, ISI and MI.


Cadet College Sialkot Admission 2024

Cadet College Sialkot Admission 2024 Details

Cadet College Sialkot grants admission both to boys and girls. Now a days admissions are open for 6th, 7th, 8th 9th and 11th. Separate hostel has been constructed for girls and they are also given special concession in fee too. Students who have got more than 70% marks in recent SSC exam can apply for admission 2024 in Cadet College Sialkot. You may apply till last date. Prospectus is available in just Rs. 1000 from college campus. You can get it by post too. For this purpose send bank draft of Rs. 1200 in favor of Cadet College Sialkot. You can download the admission form from the official website of Cadet College Sialkot. You may also submit online form. Here is the link of official website of CCS;



CSS Written Test Info

Written test will be conducted in the college campus. Test will be consist of questions related to English, Urdu and Mathematics/Biology. Students can also appear in examination centers located in other cities like Karachi, Gilgit and Peshawar. Such students will be informed about their test center after receiving admission 2024 forms through telephone call. Students from Balochistan can contact Mr Muhib Ullah Husnain through Ideal Services Point Ilmdar Road Quetta (Phone# 081-2662303, 0341-8162642). Remember that now form are available online too, test is taken in campus and online entry test facility is also provided to the students from far flung areas of Pakistan.



Facilities in Cadet College Sialkot

Are you considering sending your child to Cadet College Sialkot? Well, you are in a real luck! This prestigious pre cadet college is now accepting applications for the admission 2024 & it offers a wide range of facilities that will ensure your child’s holistic development & growth. Here is the list of these facilities at CCS;


1. Academic Excellence

Cadet College Sialkot is renowned for its commitment to academic excellence by preparing the students for armed forces. With highly qualified & experienced faculty members , the college provides a strong educational foundation for students. The curriculum is designed to challenge & stimulate young minds , preparing them for future academic endeavors.


2. State of the Art Infrastructure

The college boasts state of the art infrastructure like well-equipped classrooms, science laboratories & libraries. These facilities create an optimal learning environment by allowing students to explore and excel in their chosen fields of study.


3. Sports & Physical Fitness

Cadet College Sialkot places great emphasis on sports & general physical fitness. The college has extensive sports facilities for example a cricket ground, football field , basketball court & a swimming pool. Students are encouraged to participate in various sports activities 4 promoting a healthy & active lifestyle.


4. Co-curricular Activities

The cadet college believes in the holistic development of students & to achieve this, it offers a wide range of co-curricular activities. From debates & declamation contests to music, drama and art clubs, students have ample opportunities to explore their talents and interests outside the classroom.


5. Leadership & Character Building

Cadet College Sialkot aims to develop future leaders with strong character traits . This cadet college follows a rigorous military training program that instills discipline , leadership skills & a sense of responsibility in students. This extensive training helps students of all classes in developing self-confidence, resilience & the ability to face challenges head-on.


6. Boarding Facilities

Cadet College Sialkot provides excellent boarding facilities for its enrolled students. The hostels are well-maintained for ensuring a comfortable & secure living environment. Trained hostel staff members are available round the clock to cater to the needs of the students by creating a home away from home .


7. Career Guidance & Counseling

The CCS understands the importance of guiding students towards their future careers. It offers career counseling services to help students make informed decisions about their academic & professional paths. The dedicated counseling team provides guidance , support, & resources to help students achieve their goals.


8. Cultural Exchange Programs

Cadet College Sialkot believes in fostering a global perspective among its students. The college organizes cultural exchange programs 4 allowing students to interact with their counterparts from different countries. These programs promote cultural understanding, tolerance & appreciation for diversity.


9. Safety & Security

The safety & security of students are of utmost importance at Cadet College Sialkot. This pre cadet college has strict security measures in place to ensure a safe learning environment . Trained retired security personnel from armed forces of Pakistan are stationed throughout the campus & regular drills are conducted to prepare students for any emergency situations .


10. Alumni Network

Cadet College Sialkot has a strong & active alumni network. The college takes pride in the achievements of its former students and maintains a strong bond with them. Alumni events & reunions are organized regularly for providing an opportunity for networking and mentorship.



 Cadet College Sialkot Contact Details

Principal- Kotli Nonan Tehsil Sambrial Diska, Sambrial Road Sialkot
Phone Number-0308740316, 0331-0316165, 052-5520616/6522816


Cadet College Admission Guide 


Cadet College Entry Test Model Paper-Solved MCQs


Final Words

Cadet College Sialkot offers an unparalleled educational experience by combining academic excellence, character building & a wide range of facilities. By choosing this pro cadet institution for your child’s education , you are setting them on a path towards success & personal growth. Do not miss out on the opportunity to secure admission for the year 2024. Apply now for admission 2024 in CCS and give your child the gift of a bright future at Cadet College Sialkot!



Cadet College Sialkot Admission 2024, Entry Test Result

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