Cadet Colleges Admission Guide 2022 with Super Tips & Model Paper

Cadet Colleges Admission (Pakistan) 2022 Guide For Joining Pak Army
Cadet colleges prepare the students for recruitment in army as commissioned officer. Students are trained to lead a disciplined life from very early stage of life. There is no any guarantee that students of cadet colleges will become commissioned officers in Army Air Force or Navy. But these colleges polish the talent of students and in case of failure in joining the army they still learn the art of living and competing. Large number of such students succeed in joining the Pak army in second attempt due to their past training of not to accept defeat at any cost and fight trill the last man and last bullet. Many of them join Pak army through graduate course or after completing their professional training. Such students also perform well in competitive exams such as CSS, PCS and PMS.


join Pak Army As Cadet through cadet Colleges


In Pakistan their is a great craze in students for admission in cadet colleges, but thousands of students fail to get admission in cadet colleges every year just because of lack of proper guidance in this regard. Selection criteria of these institutes is very tough. All the cadet colleges take entrance tests before granting the admission in any class. Today we shall share some tips for preparation of cadet colleges admission test. Pattern of entrance test of every cadet college is not the same, but their are some common things which we shall discuss in this article.



Super Tips

Entrance test for admission in  junior classes of cadet colleges is relatively easier. Because in junior classes there is no any condition of minimum marks in previous classes. So its better that you should get admission in cadet colleges in junior classes like 6th or 8th. Junior classes admission test is comprises of syllabus of last class. Specially MCQs are asked about Science, Mathematics, English, Social Studies and Islamic Studies. Rare Psychological or IQ testing questions may also be included.


In admission test for higher classes you may be asked multiple choice questions about Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Every day Science, Current Affairs, Pakistan Studies, History, Geography, General Knowledge, English ,Urdu and Islamic Studies. Some Psychological and IQ testing questions are also asked. So first you should prepare your syllabus of last class and try to improve general knowledge as a whole.


Cadet Colleges Admission Guide For Joining Pak Army

Cadet Colleges Admission Guide 2022 with Super Tips & Model Paper


Books are available in the market for guidance about cadet college admission test. But last time preparation from these books will not be beneficial for you. You must start your preparation well before the cadet college admission test.



Students who qualify the written test will have to appear in interview and some times in psychological test too. Here your confidence and aptitude will be tested and interviewer can ask any question regarding the above mentioned topics. So its better for you, not to leave your studies after written test till the interview.



It is a 100% wrong assumption that you can not join army without getting admission in cadet colleges. If you analyze deeply, you will find that majority of commissioned officers had never studied in cadet colleges. In fact army has its own training system which prepare even a lay man for commanding job. Cadet colleges just provide you some extra help. But if you fails to get admission in cadet college or you can not afford the fees of these colleges then still you can join Pak army easily if you decide to do so. Just remain in touch with us and we shall guide you inshallah till your final success.  You are always welcome to ask any question for your future career planning as we have the best team of professional career counselors, who are at your disposal round the clock. We wish you good luck.


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