Career & Scope of American History-Jobs, Tips, Benefits & Required Skills

American History-Jobs, Tips, Benefits, Required Abilities, Career & Scope in Pakistan & Outside The Country

America has become the super power of of the world. Last 70 years history of the wold is really the history of USA. All those people who want to migrate to USA or study international relations. History students must specialize in American History. It has been noted by our experts that majority of students prefer to study European History, but we suggest that American history is much better specialization option for history students. American History is full of strange incidents. America got independence from UK in 1776. This county has a very short but rich history. George Washington was the founding father of USA. John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison were the companion of George Washington in the war for independence.

Career & Scope of American History-Jobs, Tips, Benefits & Required Skills

Career & Scope of American History-Jobs, Tips, Benefits & Required Skills

Abraham Lincoln was the second most important president of USA who had striven and even scarified his life for the unity of USA, He was true democrat and strictly against discrimination on the basis of religion, color, caste and creed. Unfortunately after 50 years of his death USA became a symbol of imperialism. After first world war USA became the number 2 super power of the world. Even after getting victory in second world war USA dropped two atomic bombs on Japan to prove his authority on the world. Now UNO has become a maid of USA, After the fall of USSR in 1991 there is not a single country in the wold to challenge the supremacy of USA. No one has courage to write the American history objectively and independently due to its massive power.

As we have mentioned earlier that recent world history is in fact the American history, so this subject will be helpful for students of world history and intentional relations too. Books on American history are considered best sellers in the market. Little bit of research can make you a renowned historian. USA prides on its past where as world has completely opposite opinion about it, There is still need of lot of research in this direction. Scope of American history is still better than the history of any county even continent. Wold still want to know the real reasons of rapid progress of USA in 20th century. Everyone talks about recent American history, still there is the need of research on past and origin of USA. Its a reality that USA has a very bad past about which no one has worked very deeply. Those who are really interested in this subject must go for specialization in American History.

If you have an analytical mindset then you must study American History. This subject will widen your approach. This subject will also hep you in clearing the competitive exams like PCS, CSS and PMS. Its an ideal field for historians, teachers, journalists and researchers. Stay in touch with and its facebook page for guidance about history of different countries.

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