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Career & Scope of Botany-Jobs, Job Specification, Tips & Personal Attributes

Botany –  Introduction, Job Areas, Job Types, Nature of Work, Golden Tips, Personal Attributes, Career & Scope in Pakistan  & Abroad 
Botany is one the three major branches of Biology. As per classical biology there are just two kingdoms of living organisms on earth i.e animal kingdom and plant kingdom. Botany is all about plant kingdom. You study in botany about unicellular plants like Chlamydomonas to giant sequoia trees. As per classical Biology even algae, fungi, lichens, ferns, bacteria, mosses, conifers and flowering plants are included in plant kingdom. Modern Biology claims that bacteria, algae and fungi have their own separate kingdoms but still in many educational institutions they are taught as part of plant kingdom.

Career & Scope of Botany-Jobs, Job Specification, Tips & Personal Attributes

Career & Scope of Botany-Jobs, Job Specification, Tips & Personal Attributes


Still Botany is a broad field as there are more than 400,000 known species of plants are found on our earth. Plants have solutions of all problems. There is a need of research on uses of local plants for different purposes. A true botanist can discover the hidden benefits of plants. I have already mentioned in one of my article that first ever allopathic medicine for high blood pressure was prepared by Dr Salum ul Zaman Saddiquie of Pakistan who prepared this medicine from a prescription of Hakim Ajmal Khan there are still many other local plants with great medicinal powers. A botanist can earn unlimited money and fame by researching on local herbs, shrubs and plants. Its a rewarding field for research oriented individuals, so if you have interest in botany the even leave the option of MBBS or BDS and go maximum higher degree in Botany. This field of science/biology will not disappoint you at all.


Botany – Nature of Work
1-They study the fossils of extinct plants.

2-They study the life cycles (All stages of development) of different kinds of plants.

3-They research on structure, mutation, functions, evolution, arrangement, uses and classification of land and water plants.

4-Some of them study the relationships of plants with their atmosphere and other living organisms.

5-True researchers try to discover the new species of plants or they work on benefits of neglected plants.

6-Some of them study the behavior and growth rate of plants under different circumstances.

7-They also study the plant cells under electron-microscopes to discover the various expects of physiology of cells.

8-They also try to discover the medicines for the treatment of different plant diseases and pests.

9-Some botanists focus on chemical reactions occurring inside the plants through which they covert elements and simple compounds into complex compounds.

10-They also study the genetics and evolution in plants.

Botany –  Jobs, Benefits, Career & Scope
Employment Areas
Schools & Colleges
Biotechnology Factories
Fermentation Industries Like Cheese & Curd Manufacturing Factories
Farm Houses
Botanical Gardens
Agriculture and Horticulture Department
Agricultural Research Organizations
Pharmaceutical Companies
Public Parks and Historical Gardens
Botanical Research Laboratories
Bio-fuel Plants

Job Types
Subject Specialist
Research Assistant
Gardener or Grower
Therapist or Florist
Public Servant

Personal Attributes
1-Ability to lead a team.
2-Interest in Agriculture, Biology, Botany, Ecology, Environment and nature.
3-Research aptitude with great analytical skills.
4-Ability to share his thoughts verbally and in written at least in English and local languages.

Botany – Super Tips

1-Study Botany at least till MS/MPhil or PhD level.

2-Start your own private business related to plants.

3-Stay in touch with latest research in Botany and its related areas through internet,

4-Get your specialization in the area of your interest only. Never run before current trend.
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