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Career & Scope of Cardiac Perfusion in Pakistan, Topics, Jobs, Pay

Scope of Cardiac Perfusion in Pakistan, Subjects, Job Prospects, Salary, Tips
Let us those individuals raise their hands who are interested to join this field line of cardiac perfusion. Here on this page we will try our level best to give you the extensive and comprehensive information on this field. Note that this is the specific field where the professionals have to scan as well as measure the amount of blood while the other person is at the rest mode and when he or she is at the exercise mode. This field line studies these areas as well that how blood reaches to the heart muscles. These cardiac perfusion professionals are not given the title of doctor, in fact they are termed and called as technologists.

Career Scope

Career & Scope of Cardiac Perfusion in Pakistan, Topics, Jobs, Pay

Scope of Cardiac Perfusion in Pakistan
First of all, together we are going to explore the scope of this cardiac perfusion field. We know that in Pakistan, lots of people are getting affected and becoming the patient of coronary heart diseases. So to scan and measure their blood or to scan and measure their heart flow rate, we are in need of these cardiac perfusion professionals. They earn quite high. It is because of the cardiovascular heart diseases that 30% to 40% deaths occur and happen in Pakistan. It is for this reason that the demand of cardiac perfusion professionals are getting high and high.


What is Cardiac Perfusion?

Cardiac Perfusion is a branch of medicine concerned with the physiology and pathology of the heart and blood vessels. It covers the investigation and treatment of diseases of the heart and circulation including coronary heart disease heart failure hypertension and stroke. The scope of cardiac perfusion in Pakistan is very vast as there are many hospitals and clinics which are offering this facility to the patients.


Who is a Cardiac Perfusionist?

Cardiac Perfusion is the study of how blood flows through the heart and how this impacts cardiac function. It is a relatively new field only emerging in the last few decades as technology has progressed. Cardiac perfusionists are highly trained medical professionals who work closely with cardiologists and surgeons to ensure that patients undergoing cardiac procedures receive the best possible care. The scope of cardiac perfusion in Pakistan is growing rapidly as more and more people are becoming aware of the importance of this field.



Responsibilities of  Cardiac Perfusionists

While you may have heard the term “cardiac perfusionist,” chances are you’ve never heard of the job title. That is because this specialty exists only in medical circles. Perfusionists are physicians who work in intensive care and critical care settings. Perfusionists are responsible for the administration of medications to patients as well as the maintenance of intravenous fluids and equipment. They also ensure that patients’ vital signs are being recorded properly. Perfusionists may need to perform procedures such as inserting catheters and monitoring blood flow. Perfusionists may also be called upon to treat complications such as a patient’s bleeding, cardiac arrest, or low blood pressure.


A cardiac perfusionist is basically a paramedic. They respond to emergencies and are the ones who give CPR if someone stops breathing. A cardiac perfusionist is also responsible for getting the patient ready for the surgeon and ensuring that everything is running smoothly during surgery. They are the first responders when someone experiences cardiac arrest. These specialists make sure that the patient has oxygenated blood reaching the brain.


Cardiac perfusionists are involved in many ways to assist the heart during open heart surgery. They are there to monitor the heart function during surgery, give drugs and nutrients to the patient to keep it working properly and administer anesthesia to the patient to ensure a painless procedure. One of the major duties of cardiac perfusionists is to perform CPR and provide oxygen to the patient if the patient stops breathing during the surgery. They will also have to make sure that blood is given to the patient if he/she stops taking blood or if there is a complication during the surgery.



Jobs In The Field of Cardiac Perfusion in Pakistan
Note that if you have done your BS in this field line of cardiac perfusion then you can easily get a job in the cardiac center or you can have a job in the hospital. This is a proper kind of specialized field and you will normally and generally get many job opportunities. You can also become a surgical technologist.



Pay of Cardiac Perfusion Professionals in Pakistan
The pay of junior level cardiac perfusion professionals, it is somewhat rs 30,000 to Rs 60,000. On the other hand, senior level cardiac perfusion professionals, their per month pay is around Rs 2 lakh to Rs 3 lakh.



Subjects Offered in Cardiac Perfusion Degree Program in Pakistan Universities
Anatomy. basic physiology, general pathology, basic biochemistry, islamic studies, Pakistan studies, computer education, cardiovascular anatomy, physiology, cardiovascular hematology, cardiovascular microbiology, cardiopulmonary diseases, perfusion technology, cardiovascular pharmacology- this is the list of subjects which you will study once becoming the part of this cardiac perfusion degree.



Admission Conditions to Get Enrolled in Cardiac Perfusion Program
Those who want to study this program of cardiac perfusion, then it is necessary for them to complete and pass their Fsc pre medical studies. In your FSc pre medical exams, you should have scored 50% marks. You also have to pass the entry test of the university where you will be taking admission.



This is all information on this field of cardiac perfusion, let us know whether you find this sector interesting or not! More details on this sector are coming up, keep tuned and in touch with us. Those of you who are already linked to this profession, then share your experience with us.