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Career & Scope of Ethical Hacking or IT Security, Jobs, Tips, Required Skills

All About Ethical Hacking & Internet Security- Jobs, Super Tips, Required Skills, Career & Scope
Ethical hacking is the IT field of future. Soon there will be a great demand of ethical hackers for Internet security purpose. Criminal hacking has become a great problem in the modern world. Only ethical hackers can engage criminal hackers and fight against them to protect the Internet world. For becoming an ethical hacker, you will have to enter in the field of software development. Ethical hackers are also called IT security specialist. Its a dry but paying field, so you must have interest in ethical hacking for success in this field. You may become an IT security expert both through formal and non-formal method. It is recommended to adopt formal way and  try to get at least M.Phil level degree for  proper job placement. It is best further study and specialization field for IT experts and software developers. Higher degree in Internet security can easily win a work permit and even immigration of any developed country for you.

Career & Scope of Ethical Hacking or IT Security, Jobs, Tips, Required Skills

Career & Scope of Ethical Hacking or IT Security, Jobs, Tips, Required Skills

Ethical hacking is a very technical, complex and difficult field. Macro IT companies, financial institutions, banks, sensitive government organizations, defense establishment and multinational companies need the services of IT security specialists for protecting their data from criminal hackers. Only a person with great knowledge of different kinds of security systems and their flaws can work as an ethical hacker. Ethical hackers can earn millions of dollars while staying at home.

Ethical hacking is the best recommended field for software developers. Law enforcement agencies also hire the services of Internet security experts. So being a hacker you have two options for your future career. Criminal hackers can get success in their initial career, but they will be arrested very soon, where as ethical hackers not only enjoy respect in society, but they also earn more than criminal hackers.

In short hacking is theft of digital content. A person who is involved in such an activity is called a criminal hacker. Hackers enter in the computer of any other person or organization without permission and try to control his computer for accessing data or installing a program on his computer/server. Its a fact that criminal hackers are genius people, but they use their skills and talent for a wrong and unlawful purposes, so we may call them evil genius people.

IT industry is the most booming industry of the world. Volume of trade in IT industry has exceeded billions of dollars. Internet world needs large number of ethical hackers to protect them from criminal hackers. Websites, government and private organizations are spending huge amount of money on Internet security. During last five years Internet world has spent more than 50 billion dollars for the improvement of security. An expert ethical hacker can earn up to 100000$ per annum. Pay in this field largely depends upon your expertise rather than on your degree. You may also earn unlimited money for pointing out flaws in security of top websites of the world. You may also provide your services as an freelance Internet security expert.

A+ Certification, Network +, CCNA and Security + are top recommended certificates for those students who want to enter in the field of Internet security or ethical hacking informally. You must also clear online course offered by international council of ecommerce. This course will enable you satisfy your customers or employers about your skills in IT security or ethical hacking. You may also start your own Internet security company as there is not a single such company in Pakistan. Stay connected with for more information about ethical hacking and inter security.