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Career & Scope of Masters in Management, Jobs, Subjects, Salary

Career Counseling on Scope of Masters in Management (MiM) in Pakistan, Job Prospects, Topics, Pay & Tips
Masters in Management has become more popular program than MBA due to its great scope in international and local job markets. This program will ensure quality job for you. You will be recruited directly at managerial level. MIM program will give you in-depth and practical knowledge about entrepreneurship and leadership. Lot of MIM degrees are available in the market like M.Phil/MS in Management, MSc in Management, MSc in International Business, Master in Business & Economics, MSc in General Management, Masters in International Management, Master of Arts in Management, Master of Science in Management and Masters in Business Management. MM, MBM, MIM or MMgt can bring a bright future for you not only in Pakistan but also abroad. Its a highly recommended program for BBA degree holders.

Career Scope

Career & Scope of Masters in Management, Jobs, Subjects, Salary

No or minimum initial work experience is required for getting admission in Master in Management program. MIM is a versatile degree program which enables the students to enter in any business as owner or manager. For real world experience study visits are arranged. Successful entrepreneurs are invited to share their experiences with the students. Now a days emphasis is given on e-commerce and necessary knowledge about developing and running online stores has also been included in syllabus of MIM. Masters in Management degree holder can handle all the complex issues of any business or industry. Current global employment markets also preferring MIM over MBA.

This program will develop a complete set of managerial and business administration skills among students. Focus is given on diverse set business related topics like leadership skills, team work exercises, problem solving skills, managerial skills and business administration.

Career Scope & Jobs
You may start your career as supervisor or junior manager. You may also get the jobs of operational manager, bank manager, team manager, chief executive officer, corporate manager, administrator, finance manager, project manager, HRM manager, MTO, country manager, Principal, R&D officer, health-care administrator, lecturer and govt officer.

You may too find the managerial level jobs in the areas of health care, hospitality, forestry, industries, construction, pharmaceutical, information technology, mining, research and development, fishing, NGO, educational institutes, transportation, farming, services, retail, sales, marketing, real state, insurance, banking, food and public utilities.

Subjects & Core Topics
Following key subjects are taught in the program of Masters in Management;
Management theory, applied research techniques, organizational behavior, econometrics, entrepreneurship, HRM, supply chain management, nonprofit management, decision science, marketing management, international business, taxation & company laws, business administration, e-commerce, finance, statistical analysis and management research, accounting, business policy & strategy making techniques, risk management and advanced logic.

Its an ideal field for females too as they will have to work within office in a secure and comfortable atmosphere. Masters in Management degree holders can get the salary of at least 100000 rupees in initial stage of their career. Many universities in Pakistan are also offering MIM program. Duration of this Masters of Management program is 2 years for graduate students.

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