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Career & Scope of Midwifery, Gynecology & Obstetrics-Jobs, Nature of Work, Required Skills

Scope of Midwifery, Gynecology & Obstetrics-Introduction, Career, Jobs, Duties, Required Abilities
Midwifery or Obstetrics is also a health science related to females. A midwife is a para medical health care professional, who deal with pregnancy, childbirth and post birth care of child and mother. She guide the women about the sexual and reproductive health related issues. She also guide the pregnant women about the necessary precautions during the pregnancy. She tries to resolves the all issues related to pregnancy. There is a great demand of qualified midwives in Pakistan. Thousands of females die every year in Pakistan due to quack midwives. All nurses must get midwifery training as it will make them a self employed person. It is one of the best recommended field for females with matriculation with science. Career & Scope of Midwifery, Gynecology & Obstetrics-Jobs, Nature of Work, Required Skills

Career & Scope of Midwifery, Gynecology & Obstetrics-Jobs, Nature of Work, Required Skills

Its a fact that more than 80 percent of births in Pakistan are home deliveries. Just five percent women have access to qualified midwives of gynecologists. This is the biggest cause of high rates of maternal mortality and morbidity in our country. There is a need of providing skilled and trained health care facilities for women of Pakistan. Modern midwifery is not only a science but also an art of providing professional services to an pregnant woman throughout the maternity cycle for ensuring a normal pregnancy, safe delivery and normal puerperium. There is a need of national campaign to attract the girls towards this rewarding field. MBBS doctors can specialize in gynecology & obstetrics, while nurses and matric science females can become midwives.

Specialization in gynecology & obstetrics is the best recommended specialization field for females specially in Islamic countries like Pakistan as Muslims families don’t like to consult male gynecologists. gynecology & obstetrics is also a branch of physiology and medicine. It is all about reproductive system.related diseases of women and girls. Obstetrics also deals with issues related to pregnancy, childbirth and the post birth period. Specialization in gynecology & obstetrics has more scope than any other specialization in medicine field.

Nature of Work of Gynecologists & Midwives

1-They guide the females during their pregnancy period about pre birth preventive measures.

2-They guide the young girls about the natural changes in their body during the teenage.

3-They guide the women about the problems and diseases related to reproductive organs.

4-They guide the females about different safe and sound methods of family planning.

5-They take care of mother and newly born child.

6-They assist the surgeon during the childbirth through operation.

7-They suggest balanced food and food supplements for females and pregnant women.

8-They prepare the females for operation provide them post operation care.

Required Skills For Gynecologists & Midwives

1-She should have good communication skills

2-She should have good decision power in case of emergencies.

3-She should have ability to work under pressure situations.

4-She should have situation handling ability.

5-She should be physically and mentally super fit.

6-She should be able to work as a team member.

7-Its a field for confident and courageous females only.

Jobs, Career & Scope of Gynecology, Midwifery & Obstetrics

Private Practice

Family Planning Advisor

Lady Health Visitor/Consultant

Private Hospitals

Government Hospitals

Private Clinics

Midwifery Educator

Midwifery Unit Manger

Midwifery Researcher

Important Note for Midwifery Students

Intelligent midwives also get admission in DHMS or FTJ diploma courses as it enable them to prescribe homeopathic or herbal medicines for their patients. They may open their clinics legally as homeopathic doctor or doctor of traditional medicine. Visit the best educational website of Pakistan i.e and its facebook page for guidance about career and scope of different medical fields. We hope that you will also visit and like our facebook page. Never hesitate in asking questions about midwifery and obstetrics.