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Career & Scope of Mining Engineering- Jobs, Definition, Benefits & Required Skills

Mining Engineering- Jobs, Introduction, Definition, Benefits, Required Abilities, Nature of Work, Career & Scope in Pakistan & Abroad
Pakistan is a country with unlimited natural/mineral resources but just like all Muslim countries of the world we do not have trained human resource and latest technology in the field of Mining. Natural resources are useless without having quality human resource and required machinery for digging and exploring oil, gas, coal, gold and minerals. Developed countries are taking the more than 50% of our natural resources just due to their better technology.

Career & Scope of Mining Engineering- Jobs, Definition, Benefits & Required Skills

Career & Scope of Mining Engineering- Jobs, Definition, Benefits & Required Skills


Whole Muslim world need the services of Mining engineers. Alas yet Muslim governments are not giving attention towards this field. If you choose this field then do go abroad for specialization too. Get experience of few years in practical life just like Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan then try to contact like minded Muslim mining engineers to make a consortium of Muslim mining companies or for making a international Muslim University for Mining Sciences.

Mining Engineering – Definition & Introduction
Mining Engineering is a field of engineering which deals with exploring the minerals with latest technology. Here is the list of some sister fields of mining engineering
Mineral Processing
Metallurgical Engineering
Geotechnical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Environmental Engineering

Nature of Work
They make and study the feasibility reports for exploration purpose.
They make the designs of mines.
The monitor the exploration, development, production and field operations.
They make plans to dump the waste materials.
Being an senior mining engineer, you will have to organize, plan, develop and monitor the whole mineral exploration project.

Career & Scope
Employment Areas
Mining Engineering Companies
Mineral Department
Engineering Colleges & Universities
Surveying & Research Companies
Engineering & Scientific Journals
Poly-technical Colleges
Consultant Companies

Job Types
Mining Engineer
Government Servant
Scientific Writer
Petroleum Engineer
Jobs in Local and international Mineral Exploration Companies

Required Skills
1-You must have good knowledge about all allied fields.
2-Interest in Mathematics, Geology, new technologies and metallurgy is also necessary.
3-You will have to work in field for long times so adaptability is also a required ability.
4-Fast deciding power, good communication and leadership skills will ad star to your profile.
5-For a bright career get specialization in a particular field of you interest.
7-Creativity, organizational, analytical and problem solving skills will also help you in your career, so don’t ignore them at all.
8-You have regular study habit as its a field of rapidly developing technologies. You will have to remain in touch with latest research work and technologies through out your professional career either in field or in academia.
9-Now a days this field has become very advance so you will have to get the basic required knowledge of robotics and IT too.
10-Last but not least you must have a strong desire to serve your country.

Why Mining Engineering is The Best Choice For You? Benefits 
1-Its a job full of thrill and adventure.
2-You will get 100% job satisfaction while exploring minerals for your country and nation.
3-Mining engineers get more than double salary in Middle East and Western Counties.
4-Getting foreign immigration or work permit will become very easy for you.

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