Career & Scope of Virology-Jobs, Tips, Benefits & Required Qualities

Career & Scope of Virology 2014-Jobs, Super Tips, Benefits & Required Abilities  
Virology is all about the study of viruses, their effects on living organism and treatment of viral diseases..Human beings have got controlled on almost all kinds of microbes like bacteria, fungus, protista, but still we are unable to kill or control viruses. There is not a 100% treatment is available for any viral disease. We can just reduce the intensity of pain or disease by pain killers and antibiotics (Remember that antibiotics only destroy the bacteria). Use of antibiotics on viral diseases even increases the complexity of viral disease.

Career & Scope of Virology-Jobs, Tips, Benefits & Required Qualities

Career & Scope of Virology-Jobs, Tips, Benefits & Required Qualities

Human race is still waiting for that great scientist who will discover the first ever anti virus medicine. Some viral diseases disappear after the completion of life cycle of their viruses but there are large number of viral diseases which become the cause of death of human beings. HIV and many kinds of hepatitis are still incurable. Virus is the most dangerous creation of the nature. It has a dual personality, Some times it looks like a living organism and some times it behaves as a non living thing. There is a need of lot of research on Virus.

There are some traditional treatment methods of East like Ayurveda and simple organopathy (Latest and most modern Eastern method of medication invented by Hakim Sabir Multani), which claim that they have medicines even for the treatment of all kinds of viral diseases. I agree with them as allopathic has no medicines even for cold and flu but Eastern Joshanda can eliminate this disease very easily. There is a need of research on Eastern herbs and medicines, as being a Muslim i have firm believe that Almighty Allah has created the medicine of all human diseases.

There is just need of discovering that treatment. Viruses are also creatures of Almighty Allah and Almighty Allah has also created the antidotes for his such dangerous creatures. West has no interest in Eastern herbs and Eastern scientists have no interest in research. You people are the hope of humanity, please do not think even for second that viruses are unbeatable. Just human beings are unbeatable creature of Almighty Allah on earth. You guys can discover the treatment of all kinds of viral diseases with firm believe on Almighty Allah (God). We need to discover the treatment of just one virus after that future generation will discover the treatment of all other viruses.

You guys will have to think out of the box for this purpose. Of-course Noble prize will be given to such scientist who will discover antibiotics for viruses. Please do not take it as impossible task as first antibiotic Penicillin was discovered accidentally by Alexander Fleming, but remember that his concentration played a great role in this discovery. Its a a tip for you that by concentrating on any problem you can find its solution. You may even succeed in an unfamiliar field for you just because of your concentration, so kindly try to increase your concentration level in your field of studies for getting extraordinary success in your career.

Jobs, Benefits, Career & Scope
Pathological labs
Medical research institutes
Medical colleges & universities
Pharmaceutical companies
HIV & cancer treatment centers
Medical research journals

Virology-Required Qualities
A solid background in life science or biochemistry is very important
Scientific mind & thoughts
Interest in microbiological research
Problem solving ability
Out of the box thinking skills
Great analytic skills
Love for biological sciences
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