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Education & Health Profitable Industries?

S Nayyer writes columns in daily Express.Today he wrote a column on a burning issues i.e about profitable businesses of private educational institutes and hospitals. We are translating the key points of his column in English. You can read his column in Urdu below this page.

Education and health has become profitable industries in our country. No other business yield more profit than these two businesses in Pakistan. Private schools and hospitals have grown up like mushrooms. Lady teachers are not given reasonable salaries in these so called private educational institutes. Many schools are giving 1200 to 2000 rupees monthly pay to lady teachers while they are charging heavy fees from students. How a teacher with such a low salary can educate students with devotion.

It is the primary responsibility of state to provide free education and healthcare facilities to its citizens. But here in our country government is spending least amount on these two important sectors. To fill this gap private sector has come forward. Now instead of opening a store people like to open a school. The margin of profit is extremely high in these two sectors. There is no mechanism to check the fees and standard of private educational institutes and private hospitals.Neither our ruling class admit their children in government school nor they consult local physicians for their treatment. Their children get education in foreign universities and they consult foreign doctors for their treatment, then how we can expect from them that they would improve these two sectors.

In Pakistan only the ordinary man is suffering and authorities have no time to look at the plight of common man. Common is just used for casting votes in elections. Government hospitals and schools are in miserable condition while private education and treatment is not affordable for common man then where he should go? According to S Nayyer common man is also responsible for this situation as he casts vote to such politicians, who have no concern with common man’s issues. What is your opinion?
Education & Health Profitable Industries?

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