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Pimples, blackheads and nodules are a major problem among young students. They not only mar the beauty but also create an inferiority complex among them. This is a problem of teenage. This problem can lead to some other psychological symptoms such as low self-esteem, anxiety, stress and social withdrawal.There are many causes of pimples but the most important cause of pimples in teenage is hormonal changes in the body in the young age, but after some time these pimples disappear automatically.

Some teenagers press and squeeze these pimples due to which the problem remains for more period and pimples leave scar on the face. So never touch them as after completing their life cycle they will remove.  There are tiny glands  below our face’s skin constantly produce small quantity of oil to keep the skin soft and shiny. This oil comes onto our face through tiny pores. Sometimes waste of our skin cells and dust  block these tiny pores. When oil cannot come out it causes infection and swelling. White blood cells which are the defence force of our body come to this affected area to combat the germs. They white blood cells which die in this combat turned into the pus cells around the gland and produce pimple. Pimples are also caused by skin disorders or certain diseases.

Tips for removing pimples from face

Spicy and oily food may also cause pimples so avoid such food items and drink juice of seasonal fruits regularly.
Avoid using different creams available in the market because they contain chemicals harmful for your skin.
Keep you skin clean by frequently washing it at least five times a day as Muslims wash their face before praying.
Change your life style and take exercise regularly because it activates the blood circulation and reduces the chances of blockage of pores.
Avoid heavy make up or use oil free make up because it is also a big cause of pimples in ladies.
Always use new blade while shaving.
Protect your skin from heavy sun rays.
Control your weight and take balanced diet.
Use honey instead of sugar.
Offer your prayers regularly.
Never take tension for this symptom because its a 100 percent curable symptom, while by taking tension you can increase its duration.

Treatment for removing pimples from face

In homeopathy Kali brom Q is the magic medicine for this problem. Take 10 to 15 drops of medicine with a little water thrice in a day. For severe pimple problem use Sulphur 30(only one drop) alternatively with kali brom.
Pimples with white heads and pus points Hepar Sulph 30
Pimples in flabby or overweight women-  Pulsatilla 30
Biochemic remedy -Silicia 6x
Red and pale face- Bella dona 30

Traditional Medicine- Safi Syrup of hamdard laboratories
Never take medicines without the consultation of a Doctor. Students can consult our medical team for instant individual guidance.

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