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General Knowledge For ISSB, NTS, PPSC, FPSC Test Preparation


General Knowledge (GK) For ISSB, CSS, PMS, PSC & NTS Tests

Its our fifth post in our general knowledge section and its our desire to improve your general knowledge either you are appearing in competitive exams or not as general knowledge increase your confidence and your writing skill. We are providing you 50 to 60 information in each post just to make it sure that you may easily remember them. If you finds any mistake or repetition kindly inform us. We shall rectify it immediately. To err is human still we try our level best to provide you authentic information from past papers of CSS, PMS, PCS and other competitive exams. Thanks for liking our general knowledge section.


1-The coldest months in Australia are July and August.
2-Venus is nearest to the earth.
3-Zaire is the biggest producer of diamonds.
4-Port Stanley is the capital of Falkland islands.
5-New Castle is an important port in England which is famous for coal industry.
6-Damascus is the capital of Syria.
7-India has largest area under cultivation.
8-Cotton is a commercial crop.
9-An acidic land may be corrected by treatment with lime.
10-Temperature decreases as height increases.


General Knowledge (GK)

General Knowledge For ISSB, NTS, PPSC, FPSC Test Preparation

11-Aral and Caspian Seas are land locked seas.
12-Volga river flows into the Caspian Sea.
13-The cutting of forests may cause rise in temperature.
14-Mirani dam is on river Dashat.
15-The shape of the earth is oblate spheroid.
16-The revolution of earth around the sun causes change of seasons.
17-In northern hemisphere, the longest day is 21 June.
18-Russia,Canada and China are the biggest countries by area.
19-Sahara is the biggest desert of the world and it is situated in northern Africa.
20-Ghana is the biggest producer of Coca.


21-McMahon line is between India and China.
22-Mediterranean climate is characterized by rainy winter and dry summer.
23-Yen is the currency of Japan.
24-Asia is the biggest continent.
25-Antarctica is the smallest continent.
26-Africa is the second biggest continent.
27-Europe is completely situated in northern hemisphere.
28-About 29.7 percent of world land is occupied by Asia.
29-Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world which is located in Nepal.
30-Dead Sea is the lowest point in Asia.


31-Mount Mckinely is the highest point in North America.
32-Caspian Sea is the lowest point in central Asia.
33-Caribbean Sea is in South America.
34-Amazon river(the largest river) empties in Atlantic ocean.
35-Atacama desert is situated in Northern Chile.
36-Caspian Sea is the biggest salt water lake in the world.
37-Green land is the biggest island of the world.
38-The approximate circumference of the earth is 25000 miles.
39-The ocean water is never at rest.There are several movements in it.
40-Earth takes four minutes to cover one degree of latitude.


41-Suez canal was opened for traffic in 1869.
42-The approximate length of Suez canal is 160 kilometer.
43-The approximate length of Panama canal is 50 miles.
44-The color of lunar soil is grayish.
45-Venice (Italy) is called the city of canals.
46-Benarus is the holiest city of Hindus.
47-Lake Baikal (Russia) is the world’s biggest fresh water lake.
48-Mexico is the only English speaking country in the Latin America.
49-Japan is known as the land of rising sun.
50-Norway is called the land of midnight sun.


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