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World General Knowledge (GK) Facts 
Its our fourth post in general knowledge category.  Its about world general knowledge. All the information on this page have been taken from past papers of CSS, PMS, PCS and NTS. You may also ask us any question about world general knowledge.


1-Bengkok (capital of Thailand) is known as the “Venice of the East”.
2-Switzerland is known as the playground of the Europe.
3-Tibet is called the roof of the world.
4-38th parallel geographically divides North and South Korea.
5-Florida is the Southern most state of USA.
6-Indonesia has the greatest number of volcanoes in the world.
7-Virginia the state of USA is called the “Mother of Presidents”.
8-Chinese is the most spoken language in the world.
9-The world highest waterfall is Angel is located in Venezuela.
10-Gouffre Jean Bemard is the deepest cave in the world.


11-Moenjodaro means the mount of dead.
12-Bhambhore Jamia masjid is the earliest mosque in the sub-continent.
13-Peninsula is the piece of land surrounded by water on three sides like Arabian peninsula which is surrounded by Red Sea Persian Gulf and Indian Ocean.
14-A cape is the geographical name for land’s end such as cape of good hope in South Africa.
15-Grand canyon is the biggest gorge in the world.
16-The Adam’s peak is located in Sri Lanka.
17-Ruby is a precious gemstone. Myanmar is famous for the ruby minerals in the South Asia.
18-Chattagong is a major seaport of Bangladesh.
19-Siam is an old name of Thailand.
20-The city of Multan possesses the finest collection of mausoleums.


World General Knowledge


World General Knowledge – Interesting Information


21-Monglia is landlocked from all sides by Russia and China. Stock raising is the major agricultural activity of Mongolia.
22-Istanbul was the former capital of Turkey.One part of the city is in Europe and other part in Asia.
23-Chile is situated on the South West coast of South America. Spanish is the major language of Chile.
24-Belgium is usually called as “The Cockpit of Europe”.
25-Cuba is called the sugar bowl of the world.
26-Vatican city is the smallest country in area.
27-Alps is the highest mountain in the world.
28-Finland is called “The land of thousand lakes”.
29-The coast of Chad is known as the “Gold coast”.
30-Copper belt is situated in Zambia.


31-The Suez canal separates Africa from Asia.
32-Kalahari is a famous desert in Africa. It is situated in Botswana.
33-Gold and diamonds are the major mineral wealth of South Africa.
34-White and blue Nile meet to yield the main river Nile at Khartoum (capital of Sudan).
35-Dakar is the main seaport and capital of Senegal.
36-Addis Ababa is the capital of Ethiopia.
37-Congo river passes through Congo and Zaire.
38-Nile river passes through Egypt and Sudan.
39-River Mississippi (Missouri USA) empties into gulf of Mexico.
40-The country which has the worlds oldest written constitution is USA.


41-Vasco De Gama was a Portuguese explorer who discovered the direct sea route from Europe to India in 1498.
42- Famous Berlin wall was built in 1961.
43-World’s largest gas field is located in Russia.
44-There are 52 states in USA.
45-Liverpool is the world’s oldest railway station.
46-The new name of Rangoon is Yangon (capital of Myanmar).
47-Red Sea separates Egypt from Saudi Arabia.
48-Maldives (the smallest Muslim country) is a group of islands.
49-Statue of liberty was gifted to America by France in 1877.
50-Gobi desert (located in Mongolia) is the coldest desert of the world.

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