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General Knowledge For NTS, PTS & OTS Written Tests

Its third episode of general knowledge statements. We are trying to choose these general knowledge statements from past papers of PCS, PMS, CSS, PTS, OTS and NTS. We are not against MCQs and tests but first we want to deliver some knowledge than inshallah we shall introduce tests too. We shall welcome any suggestion for improvement of our general Knowledge section.


1-Kashgar is situated in China.
2-Appoximately 2/3 part of earth surface is covered with water.
3-Dead sea is near Jordan.
4-Yellow sea is near China.
5-Barely resists drought.
6-10,Downing street,London is the official residence of Prime Minister of UK.
7-Dasht river flows in Balochistan.
8-Los Angles is favorite place for film production.
9-Agra is famous for Taj Mahal.
10-Taka is the currency of Bangladesh while Bhat is the currency of Thailand.


11-Oslo is the capital of Norway while Warsaw is the capital of Poland.
12-Russia is the biggest producer of manganese in the world.
13-South Africa is famous for diamonds.
14-Black soul is best suited for the cultivation of cotton.
15-Jupiter has the maximum number of moons in our solar system.
16-Jaffna (Head quarter of Tamil movement) is situated in the north of Sri lanka.
17-Light year is the unit of distance. A light year is equal to the distance covered by a light in a solar year.
18-Radio carbon dating process is used to determine the age of fossils.
19-River Indus, Chenabb, Satluj and Bias meet at the place Mithan Kot.
20-A cyclone is a system of wind in which the wind blows spirally towards the centre of low pressure.


General Knowledge

General Knowledge For NTS, PTS & OTS Written Tests


21-Khunjrab pass connects Pakistan and China.
22-Pine trees are grown in coniferous forests.
23- Kalabagh dam will be constructed on Indus river.
24-South China Sea is the largest Sea in the world.
25-Pacific Ocean is the largest Ocean in the world.
26-Asia is the largest continent both by area and population.
27-India is the biggest producer of tea in the world.
28-There are three basic kinds of rocks i.e Igneous,sedimentary and metamorphic.
29-Falkland islands(disputed islands beteween UK and Argentina) is the new name of Malvinas islands.
30-The difference in time per degree longitude between any two places on globe is four minutes.


31-Days and nights are of equal duration when the sun’s rays are vertical on the equator.
32-The island of Diego Garcia(famous for US military base) in Indian ocean belongs to Maldives.
33-Russia invaded Afghanistan in 1979.
34-Longitude is the line from North to South pole.
35-The earth rotates on its axis from West to East.
36-Equatorial regions are the regions of permanent low pressure.
37-High tides occur when the sun and moon are in a straight line on the opposite sides of the earth.
38-Citrus fruits are normally grown in Mediterranean region.
39-Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark.
40-The White House(official residence of American President) is situated in USA.


41-Moscow is the capital of Russian Federation.
42-Western Australia has the maximum coral reef.
43-West Indies won the first cricket world cup in 1975.
44-China is the biggest country by population while Russian Federation is the largest country by area.
45-Nehru was the first Prime Minister of India.
46-Th name Red Sea is derived from the reddish coloration caused by the presence of red algae.
47-When it is winter in Pakistan the season in Chile is summer.
48-WMD means weapons of mass destruction.
49-Stonehenge is situated in UK.
50-Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492.


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