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General Knowledge about Maldives-Top 20 Interesting Facts

General Knowledge (GK) Based Facts on Maldives & Its History in Urdu & English Languages
In our general knowledge category we shall share unique information about Republic of Maldives. Maldives is 90% consists of water. This Asian country is situated in Indian ocean. It is consist of about 1200 of islands and atolls. This country in its self a natural wonder. Here you can eat delicious seafood of various kinds. Large number of tourists visit this country for surfing, diving, fishing, cruising and parasailing. Male, North Ari Atoll, Baros, Bandos, South Male Atoll, Thinadhoo, Addu Atoll, North Male Atoll, Baa Atoll and South Ari Atoll are some worth-seeing places of Maldives.


1-Heaven of Tourists
Maldives is one of the cheapest and safest tourist destinations of the world. It is popular among tourists due to its unique island resorts and water sports.


2-Underwater Cabinet Meeting
In the year of 2009 Muhammad Nasheed Pesident of the country called the cabinet meeting at the sea bed just for raising global attention towards rapid climate change. Remember that it is expected that within 30 to 80 years Maldives will disappear from the world map due to rising sea level, which is the result of climate change.


3-Islam in Maldives
Islam spread in Maldives during the 12th century due to the preaching efforts of Abul Barakat Yousuf Al Barbary and Muslim traders from Arabia. Crescent moon in the flag of the country represents Islam.


4-Freedom & History
Maldives got freedom from United Kingdom on 26 July, 1965. Portuguese colonial rule remained in Maldives from 1558 to 1573. Then UK captured the country in 1887.



General Knowledge about Maldives-Top 20 Interesting Facts


5-Smallest Asian & Muslim Country
Maldives is not only the smallest Muslim country of the world but it also the smallest country in Asian continent.


6-98% Literacy Rate
Maldives has the highest literacy rate in the region. Its more than 98% population is educated.


7-Colorful Sea Life
Sea around Maldives has wonderful underwater life. Beautiful colorful fish are found here. You may also find large variety of dolphins, marine turtles and whales.


8-Sunday is a Working Day in Maldives
Here in Maldives people work on Sunday. Being a Muslim country here people take weekend break on Friday and Sunday.


9-Coconut Trees & White Beaches
Coconut trees are found everywhere in Maldives and its beaches have white sand. This rare sand is found in just five percent of world beaches. This unique sand of Maldives doesn’t get hot even in Summer. coconut palm and yellowfin tuna are national symbols of this country.


10-Lowest Country
Maldives is lowest country of the world that’s why it is facing the danger of sinking.


11-First Underwater Hotel of the World
First underwater hotel in the world is The Conrad Maldives Rangali Island. It is about sixteen feet below the sea level. Lot of Underwater restaurants are also there in this country.


12-Cowry Shells as Currency
During the 13th century cowry shells were used in Maldives as currency. copper coins became method of payment in 18th century.


13-Capital & Largest City
Male is the capital and largest city of this country. It has population of about 70000 people.


14-Population & Area
Population of Maldives is about 400000, and its islands are spread over an area of 198 sq km. 100% of its population is Muslim.


15-Presidential Republic
There is a presidential kind of democracy in Maldives. Parliament has a term of 5 years. Parliament is known as “People’s Majlis”.


16-Economy of Maldives
Economy of Maldives largely depends upon fishing industry and tourism.



17-Currency & Official Languages
Currency of Maldives is known as Maldivian rufiyaa (MVR). Dhivehi and English are the official languages of Maldives.


Tsunamis are the most common natural hazards in Maldives. Worst Tsunami struck this country in 2005.


19-National Color
Red, yellow and green are the national colors of this country.


20-Internet TLD & Calling Code
.mv is the internet country code of the Maldives and its calling code is +960. Below general knowledge based facts about Maldives have been given in Urdu language;


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General Knowledge about Maldives-Top 20 Interesting Facts