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General Knowledge about Presidents of Pakistan-Top Ten Unique Facts

General Knowledge GK Based Facts about All Presidents of Pakistan

If you have interest in general knowledge (GK) about Presidents of Pakistan then know you are at the right web page. Here we shall also share some unique and interesting general knowledge based facts with you.

1-Iskandar Mirza
Major General Iskandar Mirza has served as both President and Governor General of Pakistan. He was the descendant of the Mir Jafar of Bengal. He served as first President and last Governor General of Pakistan. He worked with 4 Prime Ministers i.e Ch Muhammad Ali, Huseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy, I. I. Chundrigar and Feroz Khan Noon. He also imposed the first martial law in Pakistan, but he was dismissed from office by chief martial law administrator General Ayub Khan on 27 October, 1958. He was sent on exile in UK, where he worked as hotel manager till his death by heart attack on 13 Nov, 1969. His date of birth (13 November 1899) and date of death (13 November 1969) were the same. He served as President from 23 March 1956 to 27 October 1958 for 2 years, 7 months and 4 days. He was the first democratically elected President of Pakistan.


2-Field Martial Ayub Khan (1907–1974)
Ayub Khan was second President of Pakistan. He was also the first military dictator of Pakistan. He was a Pathan from Rehana village of Abbottabad. He won the 1965 was against India. He laid the foundation of industrialization in the country. He introduced Presidential constitution of 162, land reforms, family law ordinance, industrial reforms, law reforms, labor reforms, educational reforms, police reforms and basic democracy system in Pakistan. He remained in the office from 27 October, 1958 to 25 March, 1969 for 10 years, 4 months and 26 days. He resigned due to movement for restoration of democracy. He is notorious due to rigging against Fatima Jinnah in the Presidential election. He served the Pakistan for maximum time as President.


3-General Yahya Khan (1917–1980)
He was the third President of the country who imposed the second martial law in Pakistan. He failed to defend East Pakistan in 1971 Indo-Pak war. He was the second Shia President of Pakistan after Iskandar Mirza. He ruled the country from 25 March 1969 to 20 December 1971 for two years, eight months and twenty five days.


4- Zulfikar Ali Bhutto (1928–1979)
He was the first President from Pakistan People Party. He was the first directly elected ruler of Pakistan who won in the 1970 election which was conducted on the basis of one man, one vote. He was also the first civilian chief martial law administrator of Pakistan from 20 Dec, 1971 to 21 April, 1972. He served as President from 20 Dec, 1971 to 13 August 1973 for 1 year, 7 months & 24 days then he became Prime Minister.


5-Fazal Ilahi Chaudhry (1904–1982)
He was the second President from PPP who served from 3rd August, 1973 to 16 September, 1978 for five years, one month and three days. He was the first President elected under 1973 constitution. This elected President was forced to resign by marital law administration. He was from my district Gujrat. He was the only President of Pakistan who had also served as Speaker of the National Assembly.


6-General Muhammad Zia ul Haq (1924–1988)
General Muhammad Zia ul Haq was the first President of Pakistan & COAS who died in office. He ruled the country more than any other military dictator i.e 11 years. He lost Siachen glacier, but defeated USSR in Afghanistan. He conducted the first non-parties general elections in 1985. He imposed martial law on 5th July, 1977 and died in a plane clash near Bahawalpur on 17 August, 1988. His focus was on Islamization in the country. Terrorism, corruption, kalachnikov and heroin culture are the gift of General Zia and his regime. He dismissed the national assembly and Prime Minister (Muhammad Khan Junejo) second time on 29th May, 1988.


7-Ghulam Ishaq Khan (1915–2006)
He was a senior bureaucrat in civil service and became President accidentally after the death of Zia ul Haq. He was elected democratically but still he dissolved the national assembly twice during his term. GIK stayed in the office from 17 August, 1988 to 18 July, 1993 for 4 years, 11 months and one day.


General Knowledge (GK)

General Knowledge about Presidents of Pakistan-Top Ten Unique Facts


8-Wasim Sajjad (1941-………)
He was the first acting President of Pakistan who served on this post twice. First time he remained acting President from 18 July, 1993 to 14 November, 1993 (3 months & 27 days) and for second time he served as acting President from 2 December, 1997 to 1 January 1998 (29 days).


9-Farooq Ahmad Khan Leghari (1940–2010)
He was the third President from Pakistan People Party, but he dissolved the government of his own party using 58, B-2. He resigned from the office for avoiding the possible impeachment against him by Parliament. He remained in Presidency from 14th November, 1993 to December, 1997 for four years and eighteen days.


10-Muhammad Rafiq Tarar (1929-……….)
He was the first retired Justice of Supreme Court, who became the President of Pakistan democratically. He was removed from Presidency through Legal Framework Order (LFO), 2002 by then military dictator Pervez Musharraf. This President from PML (N) stayed in office from 1st January, 1998 to 20th June, 2001 for 3 years, 5 months and 19 days.


11-General Pervez Musharraf (1943-………)
He imposed the martial law twice in the country. He supported the US war on terror in Afghanistan. Lawyers movement on suspension of Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry and emergency plus, Lal Masjid siege, death of Benzir Bhutto in terrorist attack were the main causes of his fall from the presidency. Musharraf remained in power from 12 October, 1999 to 18 August, 2008. He served as President from 20th June, 2001 to 18th August, 2008 for 7 years, 1 month and 29 days. He resigned from office to avoid impeachment. He was the first so called chief executive of Pakistan (In-fact he was chief martial law administrator but not using this term). He declared emergency plus on 3 November 2007 (In fact it was the second martial law by Musharraf).


12-Muhammad Mian Soomro (1950-……….)
After the resignation of Musharraf chairman senate Muhammad Mian Soomro became the acting President. He has also served as care taker Prime Minister. He acted as President from 18th August, 2008 to 9th September, 2008 for 22 days.


13-Asif Ali Zardari (1955-……..)
He was also from PPP. He was the first President of Pakistan who surrendered his powers before parliament through 18th constitutional amendment. He stayed in office for full 5 years from 9th September, 2008 to 8th September, 2013.


14-Mamnoon Hussain (1940-………)
He was from Pakistan Muslim League PML (N). He stayed in President house from 9th September 2013 to 9th September, 2018 for five years. He also served as 24th Governor of Sindh.


15-Arif-ur-Rehman Alvi (1949-……..)
Arif Alvi became the 13th President of Pakistan on 9th September, 2018. He is the first President from PTI. He was a close companion of Imran Khan.

Top Ten Unique General Knowledge Based Facts About Presidents of Pakistan

1-Nurul Amin was the first and last Vice President of Pakistan.

2-Fazal Ilahi Chaudhry was the longest serving democratically elected President of Pakistan who served the nation for five years, one month and three days while Ayub Khan was the longest serving military President who served for 10 years, 4 months and 26 days.

3-Two acting Presidents (Muhammad Mian Somoro & Waseem Sajjad) have served the country for three times.

4-Four Presidents of Pakistan were from Pakistan People Party.

5-Four Presidents of Pakistan were military dictators.

6-Nine Presidents of Pakistan were democratically elected.

7-Two military Presidents were elected through referendum.

8-Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was the shortest time serving democratically elected President of Pakistan where as General Yahya Khan was the shortest time serving military President.

9-Post of President was introduced in the 1956 constitution by replacing the post of Governor General. 4 Governor Generals served the country from 15 August 1947 to 23 March, 1956 i.e Quaid-e-Azam (15-08-1947 to 11-09-1948), Khawaja Nazimuddin (14-09-1948 to 16-10-1951), Malik Ghulam Mohammad (9-10-1951 to 05-10-1955), Maj. General Isakandar Mirza (06-10-1955 to 22-03-1956).

10-King George VI (15 August, 1947 to 6 February, 1952) and Queen Elizabeth II (6 February, 1952 to 23 March, 1956) served as constitutional monarchs of Pakistan.

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