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General Knowledge About United Kingdom (UK)-Unique Facts & Figures

30 Amazing Facts About UK-Improve Your General Knowledge (GK) About United Kingdom is going to share some fascinating facts about of United Kingdom (UK). On this page we have published 30 general knowledge based facts about Great Britain. These GK facts are helpful for clearing UK visa interview, immigration interview and even for job tests. Near future we are going to publish more related posts, so be our loyal visitors.


1-Queen Victoria was the most successful queen of Great Britain, She also she adopted the title of Empress of India in 1876. She ruled from 1837 to 1901. She became queen at the age of 18 years. She was just 5 feet tall. She was the first reigning king or queen who took reside at Buckingham palace. She was the first career of hemophilia which is known as a royal disease. She herself was not patient of hemophilia. She transferred this disease even to Russian royal family.She ruled the UK for 63 years (Second longest reigning British monarch).

2-Edward VIII became the king of UK in January 1936. He left the throne on 11 December, 1936 just for marrying his lover, American divorcee Wallis Simpson.

3-Balfour Declaration was statement issued in 2017 by Arthur Balfour then Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs of United Kingdom. This declaration shows that British will support the concept the establishment of a separate home land for Jewish community in Palestine which was part of Turkey during first world war.

4-General Reginald Dyer was responsible for Jallianwala Bagh massacre in Amritsar on 13th April, 2019. On his order at least 1500 innocent Indian were killed. British govt just admit 400 deaths.

5-British Prime Minister David Lloyd George was responsible for defeating Germany in first world war. He ruled from 6 December, 1916 to 19 October, 1922.


6-Tony Blair was the first Prime Minister of United Kingdom who was born after WW 2 and during the reign of Elizabeth II. He wrongly accused Saddam Hussain that is preparing weapons of mass destruction and invaded the Iraq with USA to over throw Saddam Hussain from power.

7-Margaret Thatcher was the first women Prime Minister of United Kingdom. She was the second longest ruling Prime Minister of United Kingdom who ruled for 11 years and 209 days (1979-1990). She is also known as the iron lady and her policies are known as Thatcherism.

8-Sir Robert Walpole was the first and longest-serving prime minister of Great Britain who remained in office for 20 years & 315 days (1721-1742).

9-Before 1776 UK was ruling over USA which was not USA at that time. There were different individual states ruled by GB. Now UK is alley of USA in international politics.

10-Queen or King of United Kingdom is also the head of 15 independent countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, some Caribbean and Pacific islands.


UK (United Kingdom)

General Knowledge About United Kingdom (UK)-Unique Facts


11-At present there are 53 member countries of British Commonwealth. United Kingdom has ruled on these countries during the colonial era.

12-Lawrence of Arabia (Thomas Edward Lawrence) was a spy of British army who played an important role in great Arab revolt during first world war against Turkey and Ottoman empire. He was born on 16th August, 2019 and died in a bike accident on 19 May, 1935. He is notorious for deceiving the Arabs through fake promises which were never fulfilled after WW1.

13-Great Britain was member of Allied Powers (UK, France, Russia, Italy & USA) against Central Powers (Germany, Bulgaria, Austro-Hungarian Empire & Turkey) during the first world war.

14-United Kingdom won the Falklands war against Argentina on 14 June, 1982. Argentina invaded the British owned Falkland islands on 2nd April, 1982 resultantly Great Britain sent it navy to free the islands for Argentine army.

15-Term “The Blitz” means nighttime heavy air strikes of German air force during second world war (Sep 1940 to May 1941) on important cities of UK for targeting the vital installations.


16-Irish Republican Army (IRA) is struggling to free Northern Ireland from British rule and reunify Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland into a separate independent state from UK.

17-At present United Kingdom is consist of 4 countries or nations i.e England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. United Kingdom of Great Britain came into being on 1 May 1707. Catholic majority areas of Ireland left the UK in 1922 and became a separate state of Republic of Ireland. Remaining part of Ireland is called Northern Ireland which is still the part of United Kingdom. London, Edinburgh, Cardiff, and Belfast are the capitals of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland respectively.

18-London is the largest city and capital of United Kingdom.

9-United Kingdom is a collection of about 136 Islands. No place of UK is more than 75 miles away from the sea. Largest Island of UK is Great Britain.

20-The English Channel is the part of Atlantic ocean between France and United Kingdom.


21-The Channel Tunnel is an underwater tunnel which connects the United Kingdom with mainland Europe.

22-United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland has no written constitution. Here traditions are considered the alternative of written constitution.

23-British parliament is considered the mother of all parliaments and it is consist of 2 houses i.e House of Lords and the House of Commons. It is also the oldest surviving parliament of the world.

24-Windsor Castle is the oldest (1070 AD) royal palace in United Kingdom which is still in use.

25-Total area of United Kingdom is about 243,610 sq km and its population is about 68 million.


26-pound sterling is the official currency of UK and it is also known as the pound (£, GBP).

27-David Beckham is the most famous sportsman of United Kingdom. He was a football player.

28-First underground railway system of the world was opened in London (1863).

29-England won the cricket world cup in 2019 and football world cup in 1966.

30-Prince Charles has been heir to the British throne for more than sixty years. Soon more general knowledge facts about UK will be shared.


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