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General Knowledge About Pakistan Studies For ISSB, NTS, CSS & PMS

Its our third post in general knowledge Pakistan Studies category. Pakistan is our beloved country and being a patriot citizen of Pakistan, we must have general knowledge about Pakistan studies.  So visit our site regularly to improve your general knowledge about Pakistan studies. These information will also help you in solving your Pakistan Studies paper. If you want to appear in competitive exams then certainly you should boost your general knowledge.


1-The length of Karakoram Highway in Pakistan is 805 kilometer.
2-The construction of Karakoram Highway was started from Havelien in 1967.
3-China Pakistan business council was established in 1999.
4-Mangla dam is the world’s largest earth filled dam.
5-The forest area in Pakistan is 5.2%.
6-The National Anthem was played in Pakistan first time on14th of August, 1954.
7-Pakistan became the member of United Nations Organization on 30th of September, 1947.
8-Sikandar Mirza was first President and last Governor General of Pakistan.
9-Zia-ul-Haq lifted out martial law on 1st January, 1985.
10-Justice Abdul Rasheed took the oath of Governor General of Pakistan from Quaid-e-Azam.


11-Afghanistan was the only country which opposed Pakistan to become the member of UNO.
12-Ch Khaleeq-uz-Zaman became the president of Muslim League after Quaid-e-Azam.
13-Lake Mancher in Dadu is the largest lake in Pakistan.
14-Punjab regiment of Pakistan Army has received maximum Nishan-e-Haider.
15-Kirthar mountain range mostly lies in Balochistan.
16-Sitara-e-Jurat is the highest non operational award of Pakistan Armed forces.
17-The length of Pakistan’s coastline is 1046 km.
18-After cotton rice is the second highest foreign exchange earner crop in Pakistan.
19-Agriculture is the largest source of employment in Pakistan.
20-Punjab occupies the 25.8% area of Pakistan.


21-Shindur pass connects the Chitral with Gilgit.
22-Badr-2 was Pakistan’s second experimental satellite which was launched in 200.
23-Decimal system was adopted i Pakistan in 1961.
24-Ony 1.5 million people pay tax in Pakistan.
25-G Allana wrote the famous book “Quaid-e-Azam Jinnah the story of a nation”.
26-Kashmir solidarity day is observed in Pakistan on 5th of February.
27-Balochistan is the largest province which covers the 43% of area.
28-Pakistan joined the Seato in 1954 and withdraw from it in 1973.
29-General Zia-ul-Haq ruled the Pakistan for longest period i.e 11 years.
30-Khawaja Nazimuddin was second Prime Minister of Pakistan.


31-Malik Ghulam Muhammad enjoyed the longest tenure as the Governor General of Pakistan.
32-Nishan-e-Pakistan is the highest civil award of the country.
33-Para China is the coldest place in Pakistan.
34-Total area of Pakistan is 796096 sq km.
35-.Z.A Bhutto was the first elected Prime Minister of Pakistan.
36-The area of Punjab province is 205345 sq km.
37-Balloki head works is on river Ravi.
38-Famous lake Saif ul Maluk is located in Kaghan.
39-The length of Indus river is 2880 km.
40-Manzoor Qadir was the head of commission formed by Ayub Khan for drafting the 1962 constitution.


41-Bangladesh came into existence on 16th December 1971.
42-There are 280 articles in the constitution of 1973.
43-Awami league won 160 seats in 1970 general election.
44-ZA Bhutto took the oath as President under the provisional constitution on 21st of April, 1972.
45-The new capital of Pakistan was given the name of Islamabad on 24th February 1959.
46-Qadianis were declared a minority in the national assembly on 7th September 1974.
47-Zakat and Ushar ordinance was enforced on 20th June 1980.
48-Muhammad Khan Junejo took the oath of Prime Minister on 23rd of March 1985.
49-Those crops which are cultivated before beginning of winter and harvested in early summer are called Kharif.
50-Anmol is a cancer hospital in Lahore.


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