Genetic Engineering Definition, Jobs, Career, Scope, Applications & Degrees

Genetic Engineering Introduction, Jobs, Career, Scope, Topics, Applications, Degrees, Required Abilities & Topics

Genetic Engineering is a sister and branch of Biotechnology. We use techniques of Biotechnology in genetic engineering for deliberate manipulating the genome of an organism. By this deliberate modification we can easily change the characteristics of an organism. In short in Genetic engineering we manually add new DNA/Genes to an organism. The purpose of this process is to add some new useful specific traits that are not already found in the host organism that may be a plant or an animal.

Genetic Engineering Definition, Jobs, Career, Scope, Applications & Degrees

Genetic Engineering Definition, Jobs, Career, Scope, Applications & Degrees

Genetic engineers do the scientific miracles for the betterment of human beings. Have you guys hear the name a special sheep dolly. Dolly was the first ever clone organism on our earth and now the genetic engineers are sure that soon the will be able to create a human clone too. Its just a one aspect of genetic engineering which has become controversial due to its effects on human society. Hopefully more research in this field will be very helpful for human beings. Final completion of the human genome sequence was announced in 2003 and now the scientists are going to explore new horizons in this field. You can serve the humanity at large as an genetic engineer but as a very complex field we highly recommend our visitors to go for at least MS or M.Phil degree. You can get great fame and respect by research in this new field of Biotechnology.

What Genetic Engineers Do?Applications
1-They discover the treatment of inherited diseases.

2-Genetic engineers have to lead their professional life in science labs in experimentation on DNA, genes, and chromosomes.

3-They implement latest scientific techniques for re-arranging the sequence of DNA in genes of plants, animals and microorganisms for getting some unbelievable results.

4-They do research on causes of different genetic diseases and try to discover their treatment by surgery and medicines. They invent new drugs, medicines and vaccines. They also produce important human hormones and proteins in laboratories. For example insulin(For treatment of Diabetics), human growth hormone and erythropoietin for treating anemia(Deficiency of blood). Genetic engineers have also discover the treatment for different kind of cancers, Alzheimer’s and cystic fibrosis.

5-Just like experts of biotechnology they have to work with the scientists of following fields;
Bio-medical Engineering
Bioprocess Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Molecular Biology
Cell Biology
Agricultural Science
Applied Immunology
Pharmaceutical Therapies
Biopharmaceutical Engineering
Food Science
You will study all these topics in your degree programs. You may also go for specialization in any of the above mentioned field.

6-They develop plants with resistance to some insects, germs and diseases. They also create crops that can conatin extra oil content.
7- They use very sophisticated technique of recombinant DNA for get the traits of their choice in any organism. In this process they remove DNA/genes from one plant/animal (Donor) and insert them into the nucleus of another organism (Recipient/Host) for changing the trait of recipient organism.

8-Most amazingly by transferring human DNA into a recipient micro plant, animal or microorganism, they turn the host organism into a natural factory for important medicines vaccines and proteins. Scientist are still producing Insulin through recombinant DNA process.

Genetic Engineering Jobs, Career & Scope
There is a great scope of Genetics and genetic engineers not only in Pakistan but also abroad. You may find jobs in following areas.
Private and research laboratories
High tech laboratories
Scientific Journals about Genetics
Chemical industries
Textile industry
Food technology industry
Pesticide industry
Manufacturing sector
Agricultural Industries and labs
Food manufacturing sector
Healthcare sector
Pharmaceutical field

Required Skills
If you want to study Genetic Engineering then you should have following God gifted skills.
Problem solving skill
Ability to work as an team member and leader
Ability to think about out of the box solutions
Urge for Research
Analytical and creative minded nature
Desire to serve the humanity
Aptitude for biology
A person with high IQ and EQ level

Genetic engineering is taught from undergraduate to doctorate level in Pakistan. Undergraduate degree holders in Genetics and Genetic engineering are given the job of research and laboratory assistant so kindly go at least master degree for better job offers in the field of Genetics.

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