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Geography Definition, Jobs, Career, Scope, Branches & Required Skills

Definition of Geography, Jobs, Career, Scope, Areas of Specialization & Required Abilities   
Geography is the study of our earth, its physical features, distribution of life on earth, our atmosphere, human life, activity and its effects. Its a great subjects who have interest in Geology or mapping. Lie many other subjects Muslim Arabs had worked a lot in this field. In fact they laid the foundation of modern Geography. In fact Geography is a bridge between social sciences and natural sciences.

Branches & Areas of Specialization 
There are basically two main branches of Geography(i.e Human and Physical Geography) but these two man branches have many subbranches.

Geography Definition, Jobs, Career, Scope, Branches & Required Skills

Geography Definition, Jobs, Career, Scope, Branches & Required Skills

1-Human Geography
Economic Geography
Population Geography
Regions by Religions
Medical Geography
Tourism, Sport & Recreation Geography
Military Divide
Political Regions
Agri and Rural Geography
Transportation Geography
Urban Geography
2-Physical Geography
Water Resources
Global Change
Hazards Geography
Mountain Geography
Cryosphere Geography
Arid Regions
Coastal and Marine Geography
Soil Study

Geography Jobs, Salary, Career & Scope
You guys can get reasonable jobs in many areas. Here is a small list of fields where you can get highly paid job after your master degree in this field. This list is not complete at all but it will give you a rough idea about your future career options. Although very rare students opt this subject in Pakistan still we shall advise you go for specialization in your favorite area for better job prospects.
Geological department of government
Minerals exploration companies
Meteorological department
Environmental adviser
Meteorological department
Research institutes
Emergency services like Rescue 1122
Marketing expert
Real estate adviser
GIS specialist
Housing department
Geological survey department
Community developer
Research writer
Emergency response coordinator
Disaster management department
School teacher of Social Studies, History and Geography
Urban development department
Information scientist
Publishing Houses
Map making jobs
Rural development department
Construction companies
Transportation adviser
Oil and gas exploring companies
Academic writer

After a post graduation level degree you will be given salary and scale of 17th grade in public sector.

Qualities/Skills Required
Research loving nature
Ability to think about out the box ideas
Love for this field
Creativity and analytical skills
Strong verbal and written communication skills
Hold on both Geology
Ability to work as a team member
Ability to work in field for long hours
Command on use of internet and field related software
Thrust for reading books
Urge to go for specialization in the field of your interest

Geography of Pakistan 
We have written a detailed article on Geography of Pakistan. Local students must read this article. Geology is closely associated with your field and we have written a detailed article on scope of Geology too. This article will help you in understanding the difference between these two subjects. Stay in touch with us for career counseling about all fields related to science and humanities. Our facebook page will also help you in getting information about career in different fields, so visit and like it too.