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Hair Care Tips in Urdu & English For White Hair Treatment

Hair Care Tips in English & Urdu Specially For White Hair Treatment
Now a days White hair problem has become common among youth too. Specially females are very sensitive about this issue. You can read white hair treatment on this page both in Urdu and languages.

1-Cold and flu can change the color of your hair very quickly. So never allow them to become chronic disease.
2-Tension is the biggest root cause of white hair problem. Always try to remain happy. Take the problems as part of life. Solve them just like puzzles.

3-Increase the ratio of natural vitamin in your diet. Eat fruits, vegetables, oranges and cheese to remove the deficiency of vitamin B12 from your body.

4-Use shampoo and conditioners which have Biotin active as it can keep your hair black for long time. Biotin active is also found in almond and oat, so eat them too.

5-Use oil on your hair daily before taking bath rather will recommend you to apply oil before going to bed and take bath in the morning. Almond and olive oil are very useful for keep the hair black. It has been noticed that those people who use different natural oil alternatively have very long and black hair.

6-Use natural colors for dyeing your white hair.

7-Don’t use warm water in winter for washing your hair. Never use hair dryer as its side effects are more than its ┬ábenefit.

8-Homeopathy has very effective medicines for white hair treatment. jaborandi Q and Acid Phos Q are two best medicines for the white hair treatment. Use 10 to 15 drops of these two medicines with a half cup of water alternatively four times in day. These medicines have no side effects at all. For any individual problem you may consult our team of doctors for free medical advice.

9-Say your prayers regularly and Increase the duration of all parts of prayer specially Sajdah.

10-Always use natural and herbal hair care products.

Now read the hair care tips in Urdu language below this post and act upon the given super tips. Visit and its facebook page daily for guidance about more useful hair care tips. Specially visit our health category and share you opinion that on which health care related topics you need more guidance, We shall try our level best to publish detailed guiding article on your suggested topics.

Hair Care Tips in Urdu & English For White Hair Treatment

Hair Care Tips in Urdu & English For White Hair Treatment