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How Dangerous is Ludo Star Game For You? Details in Urdu Too

How Dangerous is Ludo Star Game For Pakistani People? Details in Urdu & English
These days there are so many online Pakistani users who have been hugely witnessed playing with this Ludo Star game. This game is becoming one of the massively played games by Pakistani users. This game has turned out to be one main and yet the top trends in just the least and less time period in Pakistan. But this game is non Islamic. On other hand, it still it seems like users love to spend their quality of time by playing this game. It has just been unveiled that this game has been used as the spying tool from the side of our neighbouring country, India. This game has been in reality developed by India country. Therefore, it is being said out that this game should be boycotted by all of the Pakistani users.

How Ludo Star is Used as a Spying Tool By India?
This is quite a surprising fact that how someone can take hold over all inside information about Pakistan through just an online game. So many minds are stuck with this question that how an online game like that of ludo star can be a spying tool for any country? It is being said out that this game is being used by India for the purpose of taking all confidential and private information about the citizens of country Pakistan. We know that so much of advancement and development has taken place in the world of technology and hence spying through the means of such online games and technology has become a new and latest trend.
Have you ever noticed that the person who is not in your Facebook contact list, then how come they are able to add you on Ludo Star for playing this game? Think about it! As you will cancel their playing request, the very next day you will be 100% catching those names and faces on the bar of Facebook that says “People You May Know”, this bar and list is there on your Facebook. This is the first step towards hacking. This is because of the fact that while playing this game Ludo Star, all your mobile contacts and messages are being exchanged with the people to whom you don’t know even.
You would be much surprised to know that in USA certain scale of technologies are being used through which all personal images and even all mobile messages are being hacked by just one button press.

Internet As Main Medium of Digital Spying
In the category of digital spying, internet is coming out to be one of the main mediums. There are different kinds of applications with the help of which confidential and private, personal pictures of your gallery can even be leaked out. Not just pictures of your gallery, but even your personal data can be hacked.
Well, this is much a disturbing situation where our young generation is moving into such a risky point which they have no idea about. As soon as Ludo Star was launched out, its complete layout and outlook was so impressive looking that it simply grabbed massive attention of millions of Pakistani people. In a few days, it started ruling on the world of internet globe.
If you have still not started playing Ludo Star, then you are among the few lucky ones! Better not play this game.

How Dangerous is Ludo Star Game For You? Details in Urdu Too

How Dangerous is Ludo Star Game For You?Details in Urdu Too