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How To Become A Tv Anchor Person? 15 Super Tips

How To Become A News Anchor Person? 15 Golden Tips 
If you want to become a TV anchor person then now you are at the right page. In this post we shall share 15 super tips for those students who want to become a TV anchor person.

1-First try to get Master degree in Journalism or Mass Communication. This degree will equip you with the necessary skills needed for becoming a TV anchor person. You should read the Journalism from Bachelor level as it will help you in getting the basic knowledge about journalism field.

2-Try to improve your general knowledge by reading books on current affairs, biographies, international relations, foreign affairs and media as your general knowledge, confidence level and communication skills should be extraordinary.

3-Improve your communication skills as I have seen even PhD Mass Communication degree holders working as PRO.

4-Make small video on different current affairs issues and publish them on video sharing websites like,, and Don’t forget to share these video on social media sites. It will increase your confidence level and you get popularity in masses. Remember that all news channels try to hire popular figures. So first become popular and show your talent and then try for a job of anchor person in a reputed New TV channel

5-Take part in group discussion speech and general knowledge competitions of your educational institutions.

6-Read daily newspapers and current affairs magazines.


How To Become A Tv Anchor Person? 15 Super Tips

7-Watch popular talk shows to note the style of famous Tv anchor persons but do not become a copy cat.

8-Make your personal You tube channel and post your self made videos on this channel.

9-Send you self made videos to the news channels as many news channels show such videos in their different programs. All these activates will make your profile attractive for employers.

10-MA Journalism or Mass communications are general master programs about media industry. You must also get specialized training or diploma in your concern field. Many universities and even news channels are offering such diplomas and training courses.

11-Apply for each internship opportunity in news channels and media houses.

12-Never insist to get the job of anchor person in the start of your career. Majority of anchor persons started their career as a reporter, sub editor or column writer.

13-Make your own blog like Javeed Chaudhry to express your knowledge on the world.

14- Geo TV and many other news channels have given an opportunity of making your profile on their job portal. You must avail this opportunities as your CV will be stored in the data base of these channels and it will be considered at the time of future hiring.

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