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How to Become a Voice Over Artist or Narrator? Scope, Career, Tips, Jobs

Career Development Tips For Becoming a Narrator or Voice Over Artist in Pakistan, Scope, Courses, Job Options, Job Areas (Career Counseling in Urdu & English Languages)
Do you know what voice over job is all about? Well when it comes to the profession of the voice over artists then some of the people call it by the name of off-camera artist and some might call it by the name of off-stage commentary. In simple terms this is hence one such profession as in which artists will just be giving him his or her voice and not the face. They will be working behind the main camera and they will not be showing their face as in front of audience at all. You can look for voice over artists in different fields in which we have radio channels, animated movies, news caster and even for the brand advertisement promotions. Today we shall discuss the career options and tips for narrator and voice over artist in Pakistan. Career counseling based guidance will be given both in Urdu and English language.



How to Become a Voice Over Artist or Narrator? Scope, Career, Tips, Jobs



How Much Voiceover Artist or Narrator Earn?
Now let’s talk about the salary outlook of the voice over artists! With the passage of time there has been a huge advancement that has been seen in the profession of voice over artists. But somehow somewhere this profession has been deliberately put in the backward state due to the lack of machinery and tools which is needed for the recording purposes. As a beginner, voice over artists can make the salary of almost 30000 PKR. But as in case you are having some experience, and if you are professional, then you can make the money of almost 120,000 PKR. For individual tasks you may earn from 2000 rupees to 10000 rupees in Pakistan.



Job Scope Outlook
As we talk about the scope of this field, then it has been all set with the vast exposure which will open so many doorways for you to make your future brighter. You can step into the fields of radio stations or you can even link yourself with the TV channels too. You can get into the fields of cinema centers, production houses as well as theater plays too. You can get yourself connected with the brands as well who can hire you for their product promotional chart.



Only short courses in the field of voice over are available in Pakistan. Digiskills is offering free freelancer training course for you. You must get this free training for earning as a freelance narrator of voice over artist. On youtube you may get lot of training material for yourself.



Skills Required For Becoming a Narrator or Voice Over Artist
Now the main question which probably hit so many minds is that how you can move into the field of voice over expert artists. For becoming the part of this profession, you have to make sure that your voice is sweet and attractive for the audience. You need to have a strong command on both the languages of Urdu and English. Your tone and words should be clear for the viewers who are listening.



About Voice Over Recording Studio
If you are planning to give any audition for the post of voice over artists, then probably they will hence call you in their voice recording studio to check your sound quality in mike. Recording studio is the place where the while arrangement of the tools and recording machinery settings is done. But some of the high companies or the organizations will choose to hire the voice over artists who can do the recording on their own and send them straight away. This can hence save their expenses.



Tips & Tricks For Becoming a Successful Voice Over Artist
Voiceover artist can earn money through Fiverr too. If you have good attractive voice then do try this option too. Professional voiceover artist can get tasks from Upwork too. Here they can get more money than Fiverr. Voice over professionals should also visit for getting jobs related to their field. We recommend you that you should launch your own youtube channel. Its the best method for getting permanent income. Its an ideal profession for girls as female voice is more in demand than the male voice. Its better to take proper training of voice over acting and VoIP before coming in the practical field. Practice can make you a successful voiceover artist. Record your voice and try to discover flaws in your reading by listening it on CD.



Super Tips For Narrator & Voice Artist
Take breathing exercises regularly for making your voice strong and attractive. Listen the work of famous voiceover artists and try to copy them. Analyze their voices for identifying their key characteristics. You may work in radio advertisements, tv ads, FM radio, animation films, cartoon movies, audio books and youtube channels. Prepare yourself properly for auditions. Try to get job in a radio station as it will add a star in your profile and you will get more freelance work than a normal voiceover artist. Always deliver your work in time. New unique experiments will polish your skills a lot.



Extra Tips For Voice New Over Artist
Start your freelance work from, then make a accounts on and Upwork too. Remember that there is more demand of voice over artists who can speak English fluently. Urdu voice over artists can get jobs only from local market. Try to improve your communication skills both in Urdu and English language. If you can speak English well then you may also work as call center agent in night.



Bonus Tips For Narrator
We highly recommend new voice over artists to take language training, accents classes and dialect coaching. Upload audio-books too on video-sharing websites in your voice. Remember that you can not upload a copyrighted work without the prior permission from author and publisher. Improve your pronunciation skills as much as you can. Make your account on LinkedIn and join the groups of voiceover artists on social media. Spend your savings and early earning on your recording studio. You must have a state of art recording studio with all required instruments. You should have confidence in your voice. Last but not least you may also become an radio actor or broadcaster.



In the last we shall suggest you to read the detailed career counseling guide for narrator and voice over artist in Urdu language, which we have given below in form of newspaper cutting.


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How to Become a Voice Over Artist or Narrator? Scope, Career, Tips, Jobs


How to Become a Voice Over Artist or Narrator? Scope, Career, Tips, Jobs