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How To Become An Amazon Virtual Assistant in Pakistan? Guide & Tips For Beginners

How To Provide Amazon Virtual Assistant Services from Pakistan and Earn Money Online?

If you don’t have investment for becoming a seller on even then you can earn money online from this platform by providing the Amazon virtual assistant services to the sellers. In Pakistan at present Amazon is not working officially, it means Pakistani people can not work as seller on from Pakistan, still some companies are giving training to people to work on Amazon through illegal routes. We extremely discourage such practices. You can make money through proper channel on this platform as Amazon virtual assistant. These companies and so-called training colleges are also providing the training for amazon fba virtual assistant. You should not pay high fees of such colleges or institutes as you can get free training about providing amazon virtual assistant services through the online video sharing platforms like

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How To Become An Amazon Virtual Assistant in Pakistan? Guide & Tips For Beginners


Yes its too a fact that at present limited number of free videos on Amazon virtual assistant training in Urdu language are available on internet, but its too a fact that if you don’t have command over English language then this field is not for you. In fact Its too a reality that you just need to learn “how to learn”. You should change your search keywords on youtube or Google. You should use the following key word terms;



How to Start a Business on Amazon?
What are the Different Models on
How to Sell on Amazon?
How to Manage Inventory and accounts?
How to Hunt a Product for Amazon?
How Does Amazon’s System Work?
How to List Product on Amazon?
How to Manage Amazon PPC campaigns?
How to Optimize Amazon campaign?
How to Increase Online Sales?
How to Manage Complaints of Amazon?
How to Increase the Return of Campaigns?
How to Better Communicate with Online Customers?
How to Set Profit Margin and Pricing?



Lot of detailed videos on these topics are available on youtube. Watch these videos and become the master of In short you will have to find the videos on complete working procedure or selling procedure on When you will be able to understand the working procedure of then you will be able to provide the services of Amazon FBA virtual assistant.



Responsibilities of Amazon Virtual Assistant

Amazon Virtual Assistant is hired globally on very handsome salary. FBA VA hunts the products, lists the products, optimizes campaigns, handles complaints and manages Amazon PPC campaigns for his clients. He helps the clients for increasing his sales on this platform. In short if you can grow the sales for your clients then you may easily become a successful VA on



You must also read the official guide by for new sellers available at Read each and every detail given on this link at least for three times for understanding the working of this platform. You should be a critical thinker, knowledge seekers, problem solvers, excellent communicator and good situation handlers for becoming an ideal Amazon Virtual Assistant. You must read our following related post too on VA;


How To Provide Virtual Assistant Services in Pakistan? Earn Money Online Tips