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How To Provide Virtual Assistant Services in Pakistan? Earn Money Online Tips

All You Need To Know about Virtual Assistant Jobs in Pakistan, Make Money Online As VA
Today in this post we shall discuss each and every thing about virtual assistant and virtual assistant services in Pakistan. We shall guide you that how you can provide virtual assistant services and what are the different types of virtual assistants. Virtual assistant is just like a office assistant, as a virtual assistant you will have to perform the duties of office assistant virtually. You help the people in running their business as an assistant. You will do all the work online while staying at your home for a person living in any corner of the world. Your boss will assign you daily task schedule. VA save the time and cost for clients. They get the expert skills for reducing the work load as VA work at flexible working time. Generally virtual assistants are hired for admin support like email handling, MS office documentation, appointment setting, work on excel sheet and letter typing.

Earn Money

How To Provide Virtual Assistant Services in Pakistan? Earn Money Online Tips

Shopify Virtual Assistant
Now a days there is a great demand for Shopify virtual assistants. People associated with shopify realize after some time that they can not handle the drop-shipping alone. They need to hire shopify virtual assistant. For becoming a shopify virtual assistant you need to have knowledge about product listing, product hunting, order processing and customer support. Videos about all these shopify related tasks are available on in Urdu language so if you want to work as shopify virtual assistant then watch these videos for polishing your skills. You don’t need to join any course as basic to advanced level knowledge about providing virtual assistant services are available online free of cost. Just your time and dedication is required for success in this field.



Amazon Virtual Assistant Jobs
Although shopify is growing rapidly but demand for Amazon virtual assistant is still at the top on internet. Amazon virtual assistants also provide the services of product listing, product hunting, order processing or customer support. Unlimited videos both in Urdu and English languages are available on youtube about training of Amazon virtual assistant. Lot of so called companies in Pakistan are charging very high fee for mastering you in these skills but you should rely on online free matter. Your communication skills in English languages should be excellent for getting such jobs. In the start you should master just one skill.



Other Virtual Assistant Services 
You may also provide the virtual assistant services of data entry and web research. You may asked to do lead generation. Remember that VA do not perform any specific task. In short its a job for multi talented and hard working guys. Virtual assistant jobs are also ideal for females as they can provide all the virtual assistant services while staying at home. You may also become a VA at For this purpose you must learn through Daraz University, which is 100% free. Certificate from Daraz University will help you in convincing the clients for hiring your virtual assistant services. On you may work on profit margin, sales or monthly salary.



In short you may provide any type of virtual assistant services as per the requirements of your client like answering calls, technical support, scheduling meeting, bookkeeping, web development, seo, social media management, market research, content writing, editing, proof reading, graphic designer, medical transcription, event planning, travel booking and webinar conducting etc.



How To Set Your Pricing as VA?
Your income in this field of VA depends upon your skills level. For example for data entry and lead generation tasks you may charge up to 6 dollars per hour from Pakistan. If you are VA at shopify or Amazon then you may charge 6 to 10 dollars per hours. Your income also depends upon the client’ s budget and his revenue generation. For getting idea about VA of any kind you should visit the upwork. Search virtual assistant freelancers there and check the hourly rates of virtual assistants for different type of tasks. You will be astonished to see that people are earning up to 40$ per hour on upwork and they have earned up to 100000$. By this procedure you may set your pricing. You may also visit Fiverr for checking pricing of virtual assistants but you will get the clear idea from upwork.



Some Final Earn Money Online Tips For Beginners By Providing Virtual Assistant Services
In the start try to provide a free sample work to your client for showing your expertise and skills in that field. It will please the client and you will also be able to decide that either you can complete that specific task or not. Never accept a task in just excitement, in this field your repute matter a lot so accept a task which you may complete easily and try to check it in free trial before accepting the complete project. Last but not least you must create an effective profile on upwork, freelancer, fiverr and other freelancing websites, for attracting the clients. If you have good skills in any field then you must also develop your own portal too. Do use the facebook groups for freelancers for getting tasks and make your on Fb page and other social media profiles for offering virtual assistant services. Wish you good luck for your career as VA.


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