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Top 60 Work From Home Ideas, Jobs & Super Tips For Beginners

Starter Guide For Work From Home with Tips & Top 60 Ideas 
Here in this post we are going to publish an ultimate guide about work from home. We shall share some very useful tips & tricks in this article along with top 60 ideas about work from home.  Hopefully you will like and share this post with your love ones.



Work Form Tips
1-You must make and follow a time table for work from home.
2-Sit in a comfortable position. Your clothes, chair and atmosphere should provide you physical ease and relaxation.
3-You should have latest laptop/PC with a fast and reliable internet connection.
4-Try to work for a reliable employer who have good record of payment. Preferably you may select a reputed freelancing network for taking tasks like Upwork, PeoplePerHour, Fiverr, Linkedin etc.
5-Start working from early in the morning as at that times you can work with the fresh state of mind and body.
6-Take rest after of 10 minutes after every 2 hours and sleep for 1 hour at least after work of 4 hours.
7-Start working after taking healthy breakfast. Never skip the lunch too.
8-You should never work from your bed. Always work from your table, which should also have a notebook, pen, pencil and bottle of water.
9-You need to have a UPS or generator too for working in load-shedding too.
10-You must have a internet package in your phone too, so that you may use it through hot spot during any interruption in your internet connection.
11-You may also work as agency by hiring freelancers. Its an ideal method if you have got any big task.
12-Never work in tension for avoiding mistakes. Do take leave on weekend for relaxing your mind and body.


Top 60 Work From Home Ideas, Jobs & Super Tips 2020 For Beginners


Top 60 Work From Home Ideas, Jobs & Super Tips For Beginners



Top 60 New Work From Home Ideas


1-Affiliate Marketing
You may work from home as an affiliate marketer. Its an easy method for earning money online globally. You will have to just promote different products using your blog, Youtube and social media portals.


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Learn animation as it will help you a lot in earning money online and in work at home. Professional animator can earn through many other means too like youtube. For in-depth details read our following posts;


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If you are a good cook then you may use this skill too for earning money while staying in house. You may start a cooking based youtube channel. You can work for lunch provider websites. These portals helps the chefs by providing lunch in offices on monthly and weekly basis like, and



Blogging is ideal field for those who have creative writing and web development skills. You may also use wordpress for launching a website without having any technical knowledge of programming. A blog can be used for earning money from adsense and infolinks.



5-Book Keeping
If you have good knowledge or degree in accounts or commerce then you may become a bookkeeper. Now a days book keeping is done online. Your concepts should be clear and you should know the use of at least one popular accounting software like Peachtree, Quickbooks, Tally etc.



6-Day Care Center
You may start a day care center in your home too. This is an ideal way to work from home for females who have few spare rooms in their homes. Just decorate the rooms, hire a maid and advertise online and in newspapers.



7-Freelance Content Writing
If you have good writing skills in English then you may earn lot of money by freelance writing. You will just have to learn the use of freelancing websites and creative writing skills. Here are some tips for new online writers;


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8-Become an Online Consultant
If you have good knowledge and degree in any field, then you may become an online consultant of that specific field. Use freelancing portals, youtube, social media and your own blog for getting orders. This option is useful for lawyers, engineers, doctors, nurses, psychologists and other technical persons who have experience in their field.



9-Work as Customer Service Representative
All the big companies of the world need the services of customer service representatives. Now a days large number of customer service representatives are working from homes through reliable internet connection and phone. For becoming a good customer service representative you just need to have excellent communication and convincing skills.



10-Data Entry Operator
If you have good typing skills then you may earn as a data entry operator. This job is tiring but recommended for beginners who are learning new skills at present.



11-Trade Mark & Copy Write
Now Intellectual Property Organization of Pakistan (IPO-Pakistan) is digitizing all its services. If you have knowledge about trademark and copy writing registration then you may work at home by providing these services after giving ads on online classified ads posting websites and newspapers. This option is mostly recommended for lawyers.



12-E-commerce Website
You may launch an e-commerce store too for selling different products online. Many websites help you in setting up your e-commerce store like Shopify, Wix, Magento, WooCommerce, and Some of these platforms are free. You may also add a store on your existing website. You may also sell products on different famous existing e-commerce portals like


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13-Become Editor or Proofreader
You may also work at home by becoming an editor and proofreader. Such tasks can be done online too. For completing editing or proofreading tasks you must have good writing, reading and observation skills. Such tasks are available on Fiverr.



14-Learn Computer Programming & Software Development
You may start work at home after learning any computer programming language like PHP, Ruby, ASP.Net etc. You may earn unlimited amount of money by developing just one software. You may also earn money through freelancing. Here is the detail guide for you about making money through programming and software development;


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Become a youtuber. Youtube will pay you about 1 to 2 dollars on each 1000 views. You just need a smart phone for becoming a youtuber. These 2 articles of will help you a lot in becoming a successful youtuber;


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16- Teach Quran Online
If you are a Qari then you may teach Quran online. This trend is increasing a lot globally. There is a great demand of online Quran tutors. You may teach Quran by using skype.



17-Paying Guest & Rent
If you have a spare room in your home then rent it out to the paying guest. If you have a vacant portion or shop then you can earn handsome money by renting them out.



18-Music Instructor
Music is hobby of many people. If you can play any musical instrument then you may start its classes in you home. You may also become home tutor. You may also give online classes.



19-Cyber Security Experts
Cyber security specialists work from home. They have to provide foolproof security to the online stores, data and websites. They install internet security programs on back-end and avoid threats. Cyper security expert is the job of future. You must get degree in this field if you are interested in cyber security.


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20-Graphic Designing
Graphic designing is a very useful art. You may master yourself in this field maximum in 6 months. Majority of graphic designers work from home in these days. They also work as freelancer. Read following articles for more details;


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Top 60 Work From Home Ideas, Jobs & Super Tips For Beginners

21-Handmade Products
If you can make any type of handmade product then again you may work at home for making money. Make products by hand and advertise on fb, instagram, olx and in newspapers for getting orders. You should also make your FB page. You may sell lot of handmade products online like jewellery, gift items, decoration pieces, dresses etc.



22-Learn Photography
You should learn professional photography techniques. Make it your hobby. It will help you in earning money. You can earn money by selling pictures online. You may also become professional photographer. Take shoots of models for fashion magazines. Event photography can also make you a rich person.



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23-Become a Product Reviewer
If you have good communication and convincing skills then you may become an online product reviewer. You may review products on your website and on youtube too.



24-Event Planning
You may also even planner. No former office is required in this field too. You should be a creative minded person and have management skills for success in the field of even planning. Make a portal, advertise everywhere and collect a team and start earning. Make plans for marriages, engagement parties, bridal showers, birthday parties and corporate events.


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25-Online Tutor
If you are an educated person then you may become an online tutor. There is great demand of home tutors for O-Level and A-Level students in Pakistan. You may also start the business of providing home tutors. Here are our posts for more guidance in this regard;


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26-Repair Business
If you can repair anything then you may take this option seriously. Mechanics of computers, refrigerators, air conditioners, bicycles, bikes, cars, fans, washing machines, Tv, and electronic appliances can earn by work from home too. They can fix the machinery by visiting the customers places. They just need to market their skills by various offline and online means. You must have complete set of tools and transportation facility.



Start planting in the empty courtyard and roof of your houses. This hobby will help you a lot in getting vegetables and fruits for your kitchen. You may sell the extra vegetables in the market for earning money. Try to grow plants of costly, fast growing and daily use plants. Here are some tips for you;


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28-Social Media Expert
Become a social media expert as lot of companies, celebrates and politicians need social media managers for running their social media accounts, pages and groups. You should be able to run campaigns and make effective social media strategy for promotion of brands and personalities. For entering in this field you just need to have good command over all major social media platforms like facebook, twitter, whatsapp, instagram, youtube etc.



29-Tele Medicine
If you are a doctor, physiotherapist, homeopath, nutritionist or hakeem then use internet to work from home. is a successful example to tele medicine in Pakistan.


30-Tax Consultant
Tax consultant can also work from home as now tax returns can be filed online in Pakistan. This job is recommended for B.Com degree holders, accountants and tax lawyers. You just need to market your services on different platforms.



31-Medical Transcriber
Transcriber is also known as transcriptionist. Medical doctors and hospitals send audio files comprising of lectures and dictations to medical transcribers. They listen these files carefully and write them on computer and send the text file back to the sender. You may get medical transcription tasks from freelancing websites including fiverr.



32-Learn a Foreign Language
If you have learn any foreign language like German, Chinese, French, Spanish, Russian etc then you may become translator. You may also work as interpreter. Get tasks related translation of documents from different sources and earn money by work at home. Remember that now lot of translation websites and Apps are also available which can translate documents from one language to other in seconds.



33- Travel Agent
If you have good relations with upper class then you may also work as travel agent. You may sell air tickets and arrange local and international tours. If you don’t have enough investment then you may work at local level on commission basis as a representative of travel agencies. You may also work on the behalf of any registered Hajj and Umra service providers. You will have to just refer clients to them for earning your commission.


34-Become a Virtual Assistant
There is great demand of virtual assistants too on internet. Virtual assistants respond emails, manage social media accounts, enter data, take dictations, manage meetings and webinars etc just like a private secretary.



35-Become a Virtual Public Relations Representative
Virtual assistants work for individuals where as virtual public relations representatives work for businesses. Virtual public relations representatives work at home for promotion, marketing of businesses and office management.



36-Become a Voice Over Artist
If you have good voice then you may also work as voice over artist. You may also make youtube videos.



37-Web Development, Game Development & App Development
Web developers, game developers and App developers can earn unlimited amount of money by developing websites, games and applications. They can get tasks from freelancing portals. For career counseling in this regard read our following three posts;

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38-Map Making
If you are a civil engineer or have good command over AutoCad then you may make 2D and 3D maps. There is great demand of mapping and visualization export. In this field too you can work from home.



39-Selling Services
You can sell all kinds of services online now. If you can provide any type of service then start selling it online too. It will help you in getting orders while staying at home. Here is starter guide for new online service providers;


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40-Writing E-Books
You may also write useful E-Books. You may sell them on click bank or similar platforms. Here is a guide about writing & selling e-books online;


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41-Home Industry
You may set a small industry in your home. This option requires investment and experience in any home industry. You should also have knowledge about marketing of your home made products.



42-Career Counseling & Student Visa Consultation Services
Professors, lecturers, teachers and professional career counselors can start career counseling service providing company. They may also arrange study visas for students. They may also arrange classes for IELTS and Toefl.



43-Property Dealing
You may also become an property agent. For entering in this field you need to have good relations with other estate agents of your city and with general public too. Start advertising about your services online and get clients from property websites too. Here is a complete guide for becoming a successful property agent;


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44-Ads & Printing
All newspapers, magazines, Tv and radio channels give handsome commission to ad agencies. You may launch your own ad and news agency. In case of having no money you may work with these agencies on commission basis. You may also provide printing services in your location on the behalf of famous printers.



45-Marriage Bureau
Marriage Bureau is a booming business now a days. Initially you should focus on second marriages and late cases. Professor Sajid Academy in Lahore is running the same business with lowest investment on its website. You must visit its portal too. Here are some tips about starting a marriage bureau business;


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Become a freelancer for starting work at home. If you can provide any kind of technical service then learn the art of freelancing. You may learn the freelancing with help of following posts;


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47-Computer Support Specialists
If you are good in computer hardware and Information technology, then provide computer support services to computer users. Computer support specialists may provide their services offline and online.



48-Homework & Assignment Writing
Students in Europe and USA do not do their homework and assignments their-selves. They pay for doing their homework and assignments. You may think about this option too.



49-Tuition Center
You may open a coaching center in your home too. Just buy some chairs and a white board
and then distribute leaflets about your coaching services in your locality.



50-Beauty Parlor
Females can open a beauty saloon and hair dresser shop in their homes. TEVTA in Punjab offers free beauty parlor course of six months duration. For A to Z guidance in this regard you may visit following two links;


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If you are a expert tailor then you may also work from home very easily. You just need a sewing machine and good relations in your surroundings. Publish your visiting card with special offers and distribute it in your area. Initially your rates should be low for getting more orders. Later on you may also hire tailors for expanding your business.


52-Forex Trading
Forex trading is a science. You can learn them through demo accounts. If you have good analytical skills and sixth sense then this field is for you. We have published detailed tutorials about forex trading techniques on You may read following two guides for real time help;


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53-Web Hosting
If you experience in the hosting field then start a web-hosting business. This business is booming in all parts of the world. Start from reseller hosting and expand your business in case of getting enough clients.



54-Micro Jobs
You may also earn money by large number of micro jobs like writing a review, making a short video, taking a survey, or watching a film etc. These jobs are also known as mini freelancing jobs. Here is a complete guide on micro jobs for those who want to work from home;


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55-Online Jobs
SMO, SEM, SMM experts, digital marketers, SEO experts, youtube seo specialists, IT experts, writers, online ad posters can get online jobs very easily.


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56-Online Stock Trading
If you have interest in shares, then try to learn the dynamics of stock exchange. Start online stock trading from your home. If you are not a greedy person and can smell the effects of currents affairs on stock exchange then its the right field for you. We will help you in learning the online stock trading through these 2 tutorials.


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57-Professional Movie Making
If you can make professional movies then start providing this service in events like marriages and corporate functions. You may also launch a youtube channel.



58-Insurance Agent
In this new world of social media now insurance agents can also work from home. You may get clients through email marketing, social media marketing, free online classified ads and blog posts.


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59-Turn Your Drawing Room into a Office or Shop
You may turn your drawing room into your office or shop to work from home. Start a business or services which are in demand like photocopy shop, mobile shop, composing services etc.



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60-Any Thing New, Interesting & In Demand on Fiverr
You can do anything new, unique, interesting and in demand on Fiverr is an ideal platform for all to work from home even without having any special skills.


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