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Top 20 Youtube SEO Tips 2023 For Video Ranking in Google & Youtube Search

Top 20 Secret Tips of Youtube SEO For Beginners in 2023 For Optimization of Your Videos
In this post we are going to share top 20 tips on youtube SEO for quick ranking of your videos in Google and youtube search. These tips are specially very useful for beginners. Lets start reading;


Youtube SEO Tips & Tricks

1-Make a Portal Too
If you want to become a professional youtuber then you should also create a video blog too. Its too a part of youtube SEO. Attach your channel with your blog. Give the link of your blog or related post on your blog in the description of your each video. Your blog and channel will supplement each other. You may also make a blog on



2-Keyword Research
Make a video after proper keyword research. For keyword search you can use google adwards keyword planner. Although it has not been designed for youtube, yet its searches are important for ranking of your videos on Google search. Alternatively you may get details of popular searches on any topic by typing any keyword in the youtube search box. This autocomplete feature in the youtube search option is also known as Youtube suggest. Ubersuggest tool is a free tool with the same purpose. Last but not least use the YouTube search option of Google Trends forum too for ranking your video quickly.



3-Be Regular and Consistent
Set a time for publishing your video and follow this time table strictly. It is recommended to make some extra general videos too for publishing them in case of having any emergency. Consistency will make your relationship strong with your subscribers.



4-Understand The Importance of Playlists
Create as many playlists as you can. There should be good number of videos in your playlists. Create play lists on popular broad topics. Then make videos on its sub topics with good content.



5-Title Should be Catchy
Always use a very catchy title for garbing the attention of viewers. Select the Title after intensive keyword research. Minimum 5 words title is recommended. Add your main keyword in title. Very long title with keyword stuffing will destroy your ranking. Use maximum 60 characters in the title.

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Top 20 Youtube SEO Tips 2023 For Video Ranking in Google & Youtube Search


6-Punchy Thumbnail
Titles and keywords help you in bringing your video on first page of search, but for getting click from this first page you need to use a very punchy thumbnail. Thumbnail should be combination of image and graphical text. In Pakistan you should use Urdu text on thumbnail. Wordings should be very appealing.


7-Description with Keywords
Description is a very important part of YouTube SEO. Try to include your main keyword and other related keywords in the description. Your description should not be small. Read the descriptions of related videos which are on the top in search for getting ideas. Give links of your related videos and blog posts in the description.



Tags are also essential parts of youtube SEO strategy. Use maximum possible tags in your videos. For selection of tags get ideas from other high ranked videos on the same topic.



9-Give Links of Your Social Media Accounts
You must make your account in all social media platforms. Give the URL’s of these accounts in the description of your youtube videos. Share all your videos on these social media accounts for driving referral traffic and for getting subscribers. Give important social media links above the fold in the description area.



10-Call to Action
You must add call to action option at the end of each video for getting more and more subscribers. Provide your viewers with one click button for subscription. You may also give this option in the very start of the video. Subscriptions inform the Google about the importance and quality of your videos and channel.



11-Use YouTube Analytics
You may use data given at YouTube analytics for improving your future videos. This practice will improve your Youtube SEO a lot.



12-Try To Get Maximum Comments
At the end of each video leave a question for people to reply in comments section. This discussion will inform the Google that this video is becoming popular among viewers and its ranking will also improve resultantly. Reply the queries of your visitors.




13-Use Main Keyword in Your Raw File Name Before Uploading
Never upload a video with its default name. You must rename it. Use your main keyword in the name of your raw video file name before uploading it on



14-Email List
Making an email list and sending them notification about your new video will improve your youtube SEO a lot.



15-Share Useful Content For Increasing Watch Time
Content is really a king in Youtube SEO too. You must share some interesting and useful content for increasing the watch time of your videos. Ideal length of video is just five minutes. Tutorial based videos should be up to 30 minutes time.



16-Create Suspense about Your Upcoming Video
At the end of each video create suspense about the topic and information of your upcoming new videos. You should also create suspense in the start of each video about the coming content in that video so that viewer may remain with your video till the end.



17-Paid Promotion
If you can afford then you may also go for paid promotion. Other than google this facility is also provided by the successful youtube channels in very low rates.



18-Use Camtasia Studio for Screen Recording & Video Editing
Camtasia Studio is the best tool to record screen and to edit videos. Its tutorial for beginners are also available online. Anyone can learn its use maximum in a week. Reduce the size of video, but never compromise on quality. Try to publish HD videos.


19-Transcripts, Cards & Endscreens
Use transcripts, cards and endscreens very intelligently to get the attention of your viewers.


20-Final Tip
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